How Does a Glass Blunt Work and How to Use It

January 31, 2019 Glass Blunt

How Does a Glass Blunt Work and How to Use It

Glass blunts allows you to smoke your favorite herbs instantly without spending extra on paper. You can use it without making a mess or wasting your precious herbs. It’s easy to use, enjoy, and clean. Depending on the size of a glass blunt, it could pack 0.5g of herbs up to 4gms. The glass blunt is better than rolling in paper in terms of packing and convenience. It’s easy to see if a glass blunt is loosely or densely packed. Correcting this problem is as easy as pushing out your herb and packing it in.

How does a glass blunt work?

There are two types of glass blunts: twisty and slider.

The twisty blunt works through the help of the twisty screw placed inside the inner core. You load your herb in and twist the screw to help push the herb up in the cylinder. The screw becomes the winding pathway that separates the blunt into chambers. This allows for longer smoke travel, cooling the smoke a bit before it reaches your mouth. The screw also helps you push the ash out in a simple, mess-free way.

Another blunt design is the glass blunt slider. You use it by sliding the inner tube back and front inside the blunt. Some designs allow you to remove the inner tube completely so you can load it from the back. The O-ring regulates helps seal the inner tube of the blunt, control air flow, and keep the sliding tube in place. Other glass blunts have a fixed shrink plastic to hold the inner tube and seal in the smoke.

Using the glass blunt depends on the type of glass blunt you are using.

How to use a twisty glass blunt

Your twisty glass blunt has two parts: the glass cylinder and the titanium screw with an attached mouthpiece. It also comes with silicone caps, extra O-rings, and a nano cleaning brush. To use your twisty glass blunt:

  1. Remove the screw from the glass blunt. Place a cap on one end.
  2. Hold your twisty glass blunt in one hand and your herb container on the other. You can also place the herb on a clean, smooth surface or paper. However, you save on herb and load your twisty faster if you keep the herb inside the grinder container.
  3. Tilt your container at a 45-degree angle. Twist the blunt and scoop in an upward motion to get the herb from the container. You can fill the twisty glass blunt half-way, all the way, or at the tip for a one-hitter load.
  4. Once you got it loaded, position the glass blunt upright and lightly tap it.
  5. Press your finger on the silicone cap and insert the screw on the other end. Push the herb down slightly then twist the screw counter-clockwise until you can close the mouthpiece. You should hear a snap when you seal it.
  6. Remove the silicone cap. The herb should be packed close together, yet has enough space for air to circulate.
  7. Insert the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale as you light the end of your blunt.
  8. Drag in and remove the blunt from your mouth. Let the smoke hit your lungs then exhale.
  9. Twist the screw clockwise to push the ash out. You know you packed your blunt correctly if there’s no effort to drag, and you’re herb stays cherried.

How to use a slider glass blunt

The slider glass blunt can come either with an O-ring or a shrinking plastic. To use your slider glass blunt:

  1. If you have a removable slider, choose whether to front load or back load.
  2. For front-loading, retract the slider to provide room for your herb. Hold it upside down and place your herb inside.
  3. Once you got enough, press your finger on the open end and push the slider forward to pack the herb.
  4. For back-loading, take out the slider completely. Hold the herb chamber upright, sealing the end with your finger.
  5. Put your desired amount of herb inside the chamber. Don’t remove your finger.
  6. Push the slider back inside the blunt and pack your herb snugly, yet with enough room for air circulation.
  7. Place the mouthpiece in your lips and drag as you light the tip. Once you got the rip that you want, remove the blunt from your mouth.
  8. Let the smoke hit your lungs then exhale.
  9.  Push the slider forward to remove the ash. Like with the twisty blunt, you know you packed your blunt correctly if there’s no effort to drag, and your herb stays cherried.

Always clean your glass blunt after each use. Using a glass blunt is easy. There’s a short learning curve when it comes to loading and packing. But once you get used to it, glass blunts are a great way to have a simple, relaxing sesh with your friends.

We urge you to try one of our fantastic glass blunts. If you have questions on how to use glass blunts, drop them at the comment section below! Also, please share your tips and tricks on how you use your glass blunt!

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