How Does a Gravity Bong Work

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How Does a Gravity Bong Work

A gravity bong is a simple, yet serious smoking device. It’s made out of simple materials that you can find almost anywhere. This contraption will force you to consume an entire bowl of herb in just one go. Definitely not for the faint of heart, of course. Imagine filling up your lungs with that massive volume of smoke. However, it does not use as much herb as a standard bong would.

Understanding the gravity bong

Although relatively easy to make, in order to complete a DIY gravity bong, one needs an understanding of the science behind it. It’s called a gravity bong because it uses the action of gravity to create a negative pressure inside the chambers of your DIY bong. There are two types of gravity bongs. One is your usual bucket bong that uses two vessels. The other is the “waterfall” or reverse bucket bong in which only one vessel is used for smoking. The process is a bit different if you would like to make a socket gravity bong.

Bucket gravity bong

When you say gravity bong, people would automatically think of the bucket gravity bong. It uses a pair of water containers. One is a bottle that can be as big as a two-liter water bottle. The other, which will serve as your water chamber, can be a bucket or a swimming pool. Size doesn’t matter as long as it can accommodate the size of your water bottle.

For better understanding, take a look at the picture below.

three bottles with containers

A diagram of a bucket bong. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

You cut out the bottom of the water bottle completely, taking out at least 2-3 inches of the base. That will leave you with a considerable smoke chamber that you will have to inhale with each rip. You place the bottle inside your water vessel until it is almost entirely submerged. Once you light up the bowl, the pull of gravity as you lift the container creates a negative pressure inside the bottle. This draws the smoke down into the bottle, filling it up with milk. You take a hit by pushing the bottle back down the water. This, in turn, drives the smoke up, forcing it all inside your lungs as you take a huge drag. You can easily make these at home, but if you get stuck you might ask, why won’t my gravity bong work?

Waterfall gravity bong

This is simpler compared to the bucket gravity bong in a sense that you only need one container. However, you need to do a lot of cleanups because it can leave a huge mess if you make a mistake. You just need a two-liter bottle drilled with a hole at the bottom and at the top. Fill it up with water almost to the top of the opening. This water will be the element that will pull the smoke inside the bottle.

Once you light up the bowl and release the hole at the bottom, the water will flow out. This creates negative pressure inside the bottle, forcing smoke to go down the chamber. You suck in all that smoke by releasing the carb hole and inhaling until all the smoke is gone.

Does using a gravity bong give you a better hit?

A gravity bong does give you a more intense hit compared to your standard bong. Imagine dragging in all that volume of smoke deep in your lungs. The hits are so much more intense that you might even be curious as to why are gravity bongs are so effective? That being said, this is not for someone who is new to smoking. Also, the smoke inside the chamber can get stale quickly. There’s an increased chance of getting throat irritation with each drag.

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