How Does a Dab Reclaim Catcher Work?

November 12, 2019 Dab Rig Parts

How Does a Dab Reclaim Catcher Work?

Whenever you do your dabs, you get reclaim stuck in your dab rig. A dab reclaim catcher works by catching condensed and unvaporized oil inside its receptacle. This keeps your dab rig clean and clog-free, which lessens how often you clean your rig. It’s a great attachment to add or look for in a rig, especially for heavy dabbers.

Types of dab reclaim catchers

There are several types of reclaim catchers. Some drop-down attachments have a receptacle at the bottom that is found directly beneath your nail or banger. The catcher is usually attached to the dropdown with a keck clip to keep it in place.


Some dab reclaim catchers have removable silicone caps for easy harvesting.

Another type of reclaim catcher has a similar shape as that of an ash catcher for a bong. The only difference is, reclaim catchers are smaller and don’t have percs inside to provide extra filtration. Some reclaim catcher adapters have an inner tube that extends from the joint down into a waterless chamber. The reclaim receptacle can either be a removable glass tube, or a silicone container.

To make things easier and convenient, some glassmakers incorporated a reclaim catcher at the joint of their rig. It does make getting reclaim a bit harder and tedious, but it does the job almost as well as dropdowns and attachments.

How does a dab reclaim catcher work?

When you take a dab, some concentrates either condenses back to wax form or spills over into the rig. When you attach a dab reclaim catcher, the vapor travels from the nail down to the tubes of the catcher.

If you have a dropdown reclaim catcher, the vapor has a longer path that will cool it down. In some instances, some are finding it hard to keep the reclaim in a dropdown reclaim catcher, especially when doing low temp dabs. Once the vapor reaches inside the dab rig, it’s already cooled down significantly, which leads to further condensation.

If you have a straight reclaim attachment instead of a long dropdown, you have better chances of getting reclaim. Anything more substantial than vapor will settle down at the bottom of the reclaim catcher into a receiving receptacle. Pure vapor goes back up and passes through the connecting joint, leaving behind reclaim.

For a dab rig with a built-in reclaim catcher, vapor swirls inside the reclaim catcher. Any unvaporized or condensed wax will cling to the walls and drizzle to a collecting chamber, keeping the reclaim away from the dab rig.

goblin diffused downstem bent neck dab rig with thick quartz banger and reclaim catcher 9.5 inch

A dab rig with a built-in reclaim catcher is a simpler way to do your dabs and gather reclaim at the same time.

How will I get the reclaim then?

Getting the reclaim is easiest if you have a dab reclaim catcher with silicon container. All you have to do is unscrew the silicone cap and harvest your reclaim. For a dropdown or glass reclaim catcher for a dab rig, you either gently and carefully torch the surface until the reclaim oozes and melts down, or use high-proof food-grade alcohol to dissolve the reclaim. Same goes for a fixed dab rig reclaim catcher. Once you get the reclaim dissolved, place it in a non-reactive container (preferably glass) and let the alcohol evaporate completely.

Should I get a reclaim catcher?

A dab reclaim catcher helps you keep the mess away from your rig. For heavy dabbers, this makes cleanup easy and lessens the chances of getting clogs in your rig. If you’re a fan of edibles, gathering a volume of reclaim is easier, with minimal effort and wastage.

Reclaim catchers also allow you to re-use your concentrates. This is a great money saver, especially if you bought expensive, high-quality concentrates. You can quickly get your reclaim and add them to your herb bowl, pack it along with herbs in your glass blunt, or use it to dab again.

Some use an ash catcher instead of a real reclaim catcher. However, most ash catchers have bigger compartments, which can cool down your vapor faster and can result in a loss of flavor. They also have built-in percs. They can serve you well, but they will eventually clog up, making it difficult to use and clean.

Looking for a simple reclaim catcher? Click here now and get our dab rigs with built in reclaim catchers to make dabbing and rig maintenance easy for you. They come in a beaker and a bell-bottom base to keep them stable as you dab away.


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