How Many Grams of Product Can Glass Blunts Hold

December 28, 2018 Glass Blunts

Glass blunts give you the convenience of getting an instant hit from your herbs without having to roll them in paper. It’s one of those handheld pipes that are pretty straightforward to use: just load, twist, and light away. You can use them as is or attach it to your favorite water pipe. Glass blunts come in different sizes, and each of them has their own capacity.

Mini glass blunts

These are cute, little portable glass blunts that can fit the palm of your hand. No bigger than a lighter, this is the perfect blunt to bring with you while you’re traveling. The mini blunt’s 2.75” size is right for an occasional hit that is gentle and just right for a quick session. It can hold up to 0.5 grams of herb that you can easily consume in one or two hits.

Slim glass blunt

Small, slim, this is the perfect glass blunt for first-time or casual smokers. The 0.5-inch diameter gives you a gentle pull experience for a gentle hit. It can hold up approximately 1.3 grams of herb that you can enjoy with your friends.

7pipe Twisty glass blunt in gold

7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

Average/normal sized glass blunt

An average glass blunt is about 4” long. You can get one from 7pipe as well as Pulsar. It’s one of the most popular glass-blunt sizes since it can give you longer hits without having to re-light the pipe. The good thing about the 7pipe glass blunt is that it can fit inside a 14mm bong that has a female downstem. A glass blunt of this size can hold up to 2 grams of herb for a longer session that you can share with friends.

XL glass blunt

The XL glass blunt has an impressive size that will make you feel like a boss as you smoke your favorite herb. It has the feel of a Cuban cigar, only heavier and more solid. This is perfect for those who like to have big hits without having to roll out several papers. It’s about 5.75” and houses 8 chambers for big hits that are smooth and cool compared to rolled cigars. The XL glass blunt can hold up to 4 grams of herb for a longer, harder session.

Adjustable glass blunts

Adjustable glass blunts can give you different smoking capacity depending on how long or short you want them to be. Take for example the SMOKEA MJ420 Adjustable glass blunt. It’s nearly 2.5” short, but can extend up to 3.6” in length. It can hold 1-2 grams of herb, depending on how long you wish it to be.

Super Twisty

The gigantor among all glass blunts, this Super Twisty from 7pipe can hold up to 2 ounces or nearly 57 grams of herb. This is for serious, serious smokers who wish to get a big, hard, pure hit from their herb.

Glass blunts give you a different smoking experience in terms of convenience, flavor, and hit. We have a selection of glass blunts that will be just right for your smoking needs. Feel free to contact us if you wish for more info about our glass blunt collection.


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