How Much Does A Dab Rig Cost And Where To Buy Them?

December 12, 2018 Dab Rigs

How Much Does A Dab Rig Cost And Where To Buy Them?

There are other places online that you can buy your dab rigs from, especially if you are on a budget.


Price: $19.99-$379.99

eBay is known as one of the largest online stores in the web. Its reach has spread from local to international, so you can buy almost anything and everything. The good and the bad in eBay is that nearly anyone can put up a store and sell anything. You’ll find the most basic dab rig that you can use every day, as well as some unique dab rigs that you might find interesting. However, keep in mind that some sellers are not dab rig suppliers, so ask for full details before getting one.


Price: $24-$89

Just like eBay, Amazon caters to both sellers and buyers, with dedicated sites for U.S., Canada, and U. K. The good thing about Amazon is that you can look at the profile of the sellers and study their feedback and customer reviews. The downside is, some dab rigs are classified in different categories such as Kitchen and Dining. This means when you search the site for dab rigs, you’ll see carving tools and torches among the list.

quartz dab rig

Price: $24/pc

If ever you find yourself in Asia, and you need to get an electric dab rig, Alibaba is your online market to go to. It’s just like Amazon but mainly concentrated in Asia, but they do ship to the US and Canada. However, there’s the shipping fee and the risk of the merchandise getting broken during transit. Also, Alibaba caters to re-sellers. You have to order in bulk – about 5-50 pieces for minimum order, depending on the supplier. Dab rigs are also included in vaporizers, so you’ll need to search deeply to find the dab rig you’re looking for.


Price: $84-$120

Ali express is like the retail version of Alibaba in Asia. You can buy single dab rigs in the site, but with a much higher price compared with Alibaba. It’s easier to look for a dab rig in AliExpress in comparison. The downside is, you don’t have many options to choose from. Shipping also has a hefty fee if you are to order from the US or Canada. Your dab rig may take weeks to arrive before you could enjoy it.

There’s no harm in buying your dab rig from these sources. However, you have to study the seller’s reputation first before you seal the deal. Rare will you see experts who will answer your questions about dab rigs. Most of the sellers are hobbyists who are knowledgeable about dab rigs but can only answer your queries to a certain degree.

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