How Much Is a Bong Bowl?

September 16, 2019 Bong Parts

How Much Is a Bong Bowl?

Your bong bowl is a highly essential part of your bong. No bowl means no place to hold your herbs. A bad bowl also can ruin your smoking experience no matter how good your bong is. If you’re asking how much is a bong bowl because you want to replace the one that you have, read on. We’ll also suggest several types of flower slides that can be suitable for your bong.

How much does a bong bowl cost?

Bong bowls, or sometimes called slides will cost vary in price depending on the size, and design. On average, a simple glass bowl can cost you about $10.00 in popular smoke shops such as Smoke Cartel, Aqua Lab Technologies, Grasscity and Toker Supply, and Badass Glass.

These attachments can cost higher. Colored glass bowl pieces can go for $15-$20 if you want something that will add color to your bong. Now, for heady glass bongs like those from Empire Glassworks, of course, you need to match the beautiful style and artistry. Bong bowls with elegant shapes and designs can go for as high as $50.

If you’re looking for bong bowls, here are several suggestions

Bong bowls under $10

MJ Arsenal Glass 10mm Male Bong BowlMJ Arsenal Glass 10mm Male Bong Bowl

Big Daddy Smoke: $8.99

MJ Arsenal started in 2018 in Denver, Colorado and is quickly making a name as makers of amazing mini rigs and bubblers at an affordable cost. The company became known for its amazing Martian Joint Bubbler, although they have other equally innovative glass pieces.

The MJ Arsenal Glass bowl features a 10mm male joint and made with high-quality 100% borosilicate glass. The glass-on-glass fitting is snug and airtight. It may look small, but this glass bowl can fit up to 0.5g of herbs.

Dotted Glass 10mm Male Bong BowlDotted Glass 10mm Male Bong Bowl

Big Daddy Smoke $9.52

Simple to use, stylish, and durable, this bong bowl can’t help but be a crowd-pleaser. It’s made with strong, heat resistant glass for hours and hours of smoking enjoyment. The unique dots around the bowl creates an unusual accent and also helps give you a firm grip on the bowl.

Bong bowls under $20

Space Man Boro Glass 14mm Male Bong BowlSpace Man Boro Glass 14mm Male Bong Bowl

Big Daddy Smoke: $11.99

Star Wars Fans will have a field day with this Space Man Boro Glass bowl.

This high-quality boro-glass bowl has a 14mm male joint and can fit snugly in any glass-on-glass connection. The sci-fi mask design will make you and your friends reminisce on a favorite sci-fi scene, livening up your session and enhancing camaraderie.

Pulsar Worked Glass 14mm Male Bong BowlPulsar Worked Glass 14mm Male Bong Bowl

Big Daddy Smoke $17.52

Aside from wonderful Pulsar bongs that give you great smoking experiences, they also created a line of bong bowls that can make your session highly enjoyable.

The Pulsar Worked Glass bong bowl has a 14mm male joint which can give life to your somewhat-plain and boring bong. It’s got a unique shape as well as a colorful swirling design that will provide an interesting accent to your glass piece. It’s got two “legs” at the side to keep it from rolling over when you set it on the table. The unusual geometry also allows you to use the bong bowl with ease.

Super Horn Worked Glass 19mm Male Bong BowlSuper Horn Worked Glass 19mm Male Bong Bowl

Big Daddy Smoke: $15.99

Horns often mean having a fun, wild time, and that’s what you’ll get with this Super Horn Worked Glass bong bowl.

The bowl features a 19mm joint, perfect for big bongs and wild parties. The horn acts as an excellent handle for holding the bowl to keep you from burning, as well as an effective roll stopper. It’s a stylishly wicked bong bowl that is a perfect replacement for your plain, boring, standard bong bowl.

Bong Bowls under $50

Tango Owl Bowl Piece

Badass Glass: $45

Our ancestors used to smoke to invoke wisdom. The has been used since ancient times as a symbol of deep knowledge that transcends time and experience. Empire Glassworks created a heady bowl that can fit the style of any heady or scientific glass piece.

This Tango Owl Bowl Piece will make you feel like a wise shaman asking the spirits for guidance. It’s made with 5mm borosilicate glass and comes in a unique, vibrant red color. It has a pipe screen to help keep the ash from falling in your bong.

Handmade Phallic Shaped Bowl

Grasscity: $42.00

Another heady glass bowl piece by Empire Glassworks, this Phallic shaped bowl is a best seller.

Featuring a phallic design, this bowl can be a great gag gift to a naughty friend or partner. However, despite its scandalous shape, this American-made bowl is made with quality borosilicate glass that can keep up with you for hours. IT’s got a 14.5mm male joint and a non-roll design to keep it in place on a table or surface. Couple it with a penis bong, and you have a roaring party in your hands.

Adventures in Glass Twist Slide

Aqua Lab Technologies: $30

AIGB created an elegant heady glass bowl that will fit the classy personality of both the bong and smoker.

This 18mm bowl boasts of beautiful linear patterns that swirl around the bowl. The glass blower’s craftsmanship is apparent in how the colors wrap around the slide. Even the roll stop nubs are added in an interesting pattern, making it part of the design instead of just a functional addition. Because each glass bowl is hand-blown, you’ll get a unique piece each time you order an AIGB bowl.

Bowl slides don’t have to be plain and boring. You have the option of customizing your bong any way you want, and that includes changing your flower bowls. No matter what kind of bong you have, there’s always that perfect glass bowl that will help complement or complete your bong. Click here and check out our collection of glass bowls.

What’s your favorite slide or bong bowl? What made it your favorite? Please share your glass bowl with us in the comment section!



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