How Does a Sherlock Bubbler Work and How to Use It

January 24, 2019 Bubbler Pipes

How Does a Sherlock Bubbler Work and How to Use It

A Sherlock bubbler is an upright water pipe with a curved mouthpiece. It functions as a combination of a bong and a pipe. Just like a pipe, the bowl of the Sherlock bubbler is built-in. The difference from a dry pipe is that this bubbler has a downstem that goes straight down the water chamber. The downstem has slits for percolation, producing bubbles inside the water chamber. This creates that bubbling, gurgling sound that you only get from bubbler pipes. Just like a regular pipe, a Sherlock bubbler pipe is small and can fit inside your hand. It has a carb hole either at the side that you could conveniently plug with your thumb or finger.

How does a Sherlock bubbler work

The Sherlock bubbler works by getting letting the smoke from the bowl travel down the downstem. The smoke diffuses in the water chamber as you inhale, and the almost-violent turbulence mixes the smoke and water. This action filters combusted elements from your herb and cools down the smoke. The result is a cooler, smoother hit compared to dry smoking from a pipe. Pressing on the carb hole creates a vacuum that will keep the smoke bubbling inside the chamber. The longer the smoke diffuses in the chamber, the cooler it gets. Once you open the carb hole, the vacuum is released, and the smoke travels up to the mouthpiece as you inhale.

Using a Sherlock bubbler

  1. First, you need to fill up your Sherlock bubbler with water. You could either pour water through the carb hole or mouthpiece. If you’re having a hard time, you can add water through the bowl. Just remember to dry the bowl thoroughly, or you will be wasting your herb.
  2. Make sure that the slits of the downstem are fully submerged in water, approximately about almost halfway up the water chamber. Some Sherlock bubbler pipes are thick that you cannot see the water level. You can do a pull test to see if the water level is just right. The Sherlock bubbler quite an outspoken water pipe. If the sound is too soft, there’s not enough water. If the noise is too loud and you got splashed, reduce the amount of water by tilting the pipe at the side of the carb hole and blowing through the mouthpiece.
  3. Once you got the water level right, wipe your Sherlock bubbler dry again.
  4. Pack the bubbler with your ground herb. You can fill it almost to the top of the inner rim, or half-way through. Pack the pipe snugly, but not too tightly or your greens won’t stay cherry.
  5. Grip the Sherlock bubbler with your non-dominant hand, keeping a finger close to the carb hole.
  6. Plug the carb hole with your finger and pull through the mouthpiece. Light up your herb at the side, not at the center to keep the cherry going in a moderate, continuous pace.
  7. Let the smoke diffuse inside the chamber for a few seconds before releasing the carb hole. Continue to plug and release the carb hole until you got the size of rip that you want.
  8. Release the carb hole, inhale the last smoke and remove the pipe from your mouth. Keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds and exhale

A Sherlock bubbler is a fun addition to your smoking arsenal. You can take it almost anywhere, and the material is durable enough for travel. Check out our Sherlock bubblers and see which one suits your personality.


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