How to Assemble a Nectar Collector Kit

February 27, 2019 Nectar Collectors

How to Assemble a Nectar Collector Kit

A nectar collector is a vertical dabbing tool that gives you instant dabs that you can regulate. It started as a simple straw, eventually transforming into an amazing dab tool that most of us are familiar with today.
When you get your nectar collector kit, it either comes in two or three parts, depending on the brand and design. We’ll talk about how to assemble your nectar collector kit so you can start getting confident in using it.

Parts of a nectar collector

Let’s get familiar with the pieces first.

  • Percolator – some nectar collectors like our Pulsar Quartz Nectar Collector comes with a chamber that has a

    The percolator is the widest part of this 3-piece Pulsar Quartz Nectar Collector.

    diffuser/percolator. It’s the largest part of the nectar collector that is elongated and cylindrical in shape. This is where you attach the other pieces of the nectar collector.

  • Straw – often found in a 3-part nectar collector kit, the straw serves as your mouthpiece. You attach it to the upper end of your nectar collector. If you have a 2-piece nectar collector kit, the mouthpiece is already connected with the body. You commonly see this in nectar collectors that don’t have any percolators in them.
  • Nail/Tip – the nail or tip can be made from glass quartz or titanium. You attach it to the lower end either with a few twists or by turning it around like a screw for threaded nails. It’s open domed or flared or has ridges near the joint. For the 3-piece kit, you connect it where the diffuser is located. If your nectar collector comes in two parts like the Boro Glass Donut Nectar Collector, you’ll know immediately which joint your tip goes.
  • Clips – Some kits come with clips. Use the clips to clamp the pieces to their joints.


  1. Apply joint wax on around the male joints of the tip and the mouthpiece. Set aside.
  2. For nectar collectors that have percolators: fill the nectar collector with water about almost halfway up the percolator before you attach the pieces. You could either pour the water through the mouthpiece or dip bottom of the diffuser inside a glass of water and suck in through the mouthpiece. Wipe the joint, making sure it’s thoroughly dry.
  3. Insert the mouthpiece and twist until it locks in, then use the clip to secure it. If you’re using a joint wax, heat the joint until the wax starts to melt before attaching it to the percolator.
  4. Do the same thing with the nail or tip.

Important factors to consider when assembling nectar collector

Rasta Pulsar Silicone Nectar Collector does not come with a perculator. Perfect for those who wish to experience the pure taste and heat of their dabs.

Make sure that you fill the percolator with water before you attach the pieces. The joints should be dry, especially at the tip. Heat expansion can happen due to water evaporation, which can crack or shatter your joint.

Take your time in assembling your nectar collector, especially if it comes with a diffuser. There is a video on YouTube where the user connected the nectar collector mouthpiece to the wrong end of the percolator. Not only did he have a hard time putting in water, but he also did not get the right experience with his nectar collector. Always remember that the tip goes to where the percolator is located. Use this as your landmark so you won’t be confused with which part goes to which end.

Assembling a nectar collector may have a bit of a learning curve at first. However, the more that you use your nectar collector, the easier it will be to assemble. If you have questions about how to put together your nectar collector kit from BigDaddySmoke, please feel free to leave us a comment, or send us a message!


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