How to Clean an Electric Dab Rig

February 22, 2019 Dab Rigs

How to Clean an Electric Dab Rig

Electric dab rigs are excellent smoking devices that give you full-flavored dabs minus the hassle of torches. If you don’t already know how to use an electric dab rig, make sure you read up! Cleaning and maintenance are highly required to keep your smoking experience pure and smooth. Residue can affect how your electric dab rig functions, especially portable ones. If you notice that you need a higher temperature to vaporize your concentrates, or the flavor of your dabs is not as crisp as before, it’s time to clean your standard and portable e-rig.

What you will need:

Pulsar Elite Mini E-nail box with titanium nail


  • 95% isopropyl alcohol or higher
  • Salt
  • Ziploc bag
  • Silicone/rubber caps
  • Q-tips or pipe cleaners
  • Small metal scraper
  • Sandpaper (800 grit)

How to clean the e-nail

This is the best place to start. Cleaning the e-nail of your electric dab rig depends on the material. We’ll start with the titanium e-nail.

  1. While the nail is hot, use a Q-tip and swab it around the nail to remove left-over concentrate.
  2. If there is thick residue, let the e-nail cool down so that it’s safe to touch without scorching yourself.
  3. Use a mini scraper tool and remove as much residue as you can. If this does not work, unscrew the top of the titanium e-nail and use sandpaper to scrub out the residue. Do it under running water to clean it thoroughly.
  4. Dry the nail and re-season.

For ceramic and quartz e-nails, you can do the following.
  1. While the unit is hot, use a Q-tip to remove any remaining oil from the e-nail.
  2. For thick residue, remove the top of the e-nail from the coil and place it inside a Ziplock bag. Add alcohol until it’s submerged and put in salt. Shake and leave to soak overnight.
  3. Take out the e-nail and rinse under hot water.
  4. For stubborn residue, you may need to torch the e-nail. Remove the coil and put the e-nail back on the dab rig. Use the torch carefully to burn out any residue. The pressure from the torch will blow out the dirt from your ceramic nail.
  5. For quartz nails, you can do the same thing, although torching will lead to devitrification, or your quartz e-nail/banger to lose its shiny transparency.

Now for the body

  1. Let the dab rig cool down first then remove the e-nail or banger.
  2. Drain the water out of your dab rig and rinse it with warm water to loosen up the residue.
  3. Pour alcohol inside the rig and add salt.
  4. Plug the stem and the mouthpiece with your fingers or use caps.
  5. Shake vigorously for a few minutes and pour out the solution.
  6. Repeat if necessary.
  7. If the residue is too thick, place the dab rig inside the Ziplock bag. Pour alcohol until the rig is soaked and add salt.
  8. Seal the plastic and hold the dab rig. Shake again for several minutes to distribute the cleaning solution inside the rig.
  9. Soak for several hours or overnight.
  10. Take the dab rig out from the solution and use Q-tips or pipe cleaners to remove stubborn residue. Do this carefully to avoid breaking the glass.
  11. Rinse the body thoroughly with warm water to remove all traces of alcohol.

Cleaning a portable electric dab rig

Dr. Dabber enail in matt black

Boost by Dr. Dabber is your portable electric dab rig that gives you strong flavorful hits in just seconds.

Portable electric dab rigs are easier to clean, although the tricky part is cleaning small e-nails like with the Pulsar E-nail Attachment. For this, you will need:

  • 95% isopropyl alcohol or higher
  • Ziploc bag or bowl
  • Q-tips
  • Blow torch
  • Wipes sprayed with alcohol

We’ll start with the mouthpiece

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the e-nail.
  2. Use a bowl or go to the sink and blow out the water from the mouthpiece.
  3. Pour in alcohol inside the mouthpiece and use your fingers to plug the openings.
  4. Shake the alcohol to remove buildup.
  5. Do this several times until all the residue is gone.
  6. You may need to soak the mouthpiece overnight if the residue is too thick.
  7. Rinse the mouthpiece thoroughly to remove all traces of the alcohol.

For the e-nails:

  1. Unscrew the e-nail from the unit and place it along with the carb cap and dab tool in a bowl or Ziplock bag.
  2. Pour alcohol and let it soak for several minutes.
  3. Use a Q-tip and dip it in alcohol. Wipe around the surface of the unit, giving careful attention to where the e-nail is attached. Make sure that the Q-tip is not soaking wet to prevent alcohol from seeping inside the unit.
  4. Take out the e-nail other parts of the electric dab rig from the soak and let them dry.
  5. For stubborn residue, you may need to torch the e-nail. You can only do this for ceramic and titanium e-nails. Unscrew the e-nail and use wipes sprayed with alcohol to remove loose residue.
  6. Insert the dabbing tool inside the bottom of the e-nail and place it on the table standing up.
  7. Use the torch to carefully heat the nail, especially when you are cleaning ceramic.
  8. Heat the e-nail and use a mini metal scraper to remove hard residue. For ceramic e-nails, continue torching carefully until you remove all traces of the residue.

Don’t use your coils or electric dab rig unit for cleaning. Setting the temperature too high for a prolonged period can damage the coils.

Preserve the lifespan of your electric dab rig by cleaning it after each use. Don’t wait for the residue to thicken before cleaning it. Not only is this time consuming, but you can risk damaging the e-nail.


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