How to Properly Heat Up a Quartz Banger

November 15, 2019 Dab Rig Parts

How to Properly Heat Up a Quartz Banger

The proper way of heating a quartz banger is to use the torch in a sweeping motion around the banger. As you sweep the flame around the banger, pay attention to the fire to ensure even heating. Here are some useful tips that will help you do your own techniques to effectively and efficiently prepare your quartz banger for your dabs.

Assemble your rig

First and foremost, you have to assemble your rig first. Fill your dab rig with water and make sure the joints are dry before you attach the banger to your rig. Wiggle the banger to check the connection. You don’t want to have an accident like catching a hot falling banger from your rig.

Check the flame

A handheld torch is the best tool to use when heating your quartz banger because it’s compact, easy to manipulate, and gives you full control over the flame. When the quartz banger, you have to know the parts of the flame as different spots have different temperatures

torch flame with heat spots

A torch flame has several temperature spots that should be used correctly depending on your dabbing temperature.

The tip of the flame is the coolest and will take the most amount of time to heat your banger. The middle is the sweet spot of the torch, having the best heat that will allow you full control over how hot and how fast your banger can get. The base of the flame is the hottest and can heat your banger real fast. Heat the banger using the middle part of the fire as this is where the temperature is most stable.

Sweep the torch

Sweeping the torch spreads the heat, avoiding hot and cold spots that can ruin your dab. Sweep the flame at the bottom and around the sides of the banger, mostly concentrating on the base. Keep this in mind especially if you have a large banger or one that has a thick or opaque base.

Stay away from the neck and joint

As you sweep the flame, it’s easy to get carried away and misdirect the flame towards the neck and the joint. This is the common reason why necks and joints often crack and even explode. Keep the fire away from those parts so you don’t have to worry about accidental cracking.

How long should I heat my quartz banger?

There’s no fixed time to follow when you’re heating a quartz banger. Several factors can affect the heating time, and these are:

  • The purity of the quartz – the higher the purity, the longer it needs to heat up. However, thermal retention is excellent when it comes to pure quartz.
  • Size – bigger bangers take longer to heat up compared to small ones.
  • Thickness – just like with banger size, a thick-walled banger needs more time to come to temperature.
  • Design – some bangers have different forms. A thermochromic quartz banger has extra materials within a double-walled chamber. Because of the added walls, they take up 7 minutes to heat up. Some that have a core reactor in the middle can take about 5-3 minutes, while an opaque-bottomed banger can take 3 minutes to heat up.
  • Your torch – some torch are hotter than others. Keep your eyes on the banger as you use your torch until you become familiar with your heating equipment.

A thermochromic banger takes longer to heat.

Depending on your dabbing temperature, time for heating a quartz banger can be up to the point that it starts to glow. Others go past that and stop when the banger is already glowing white. However, doing so can easily lead to devitrification, which is your quartz banger turning opaque or gray due to intense heat.

What if I’m using an e-Nail?

E-nails eliminate the guesswork on heating a quartz banger. All you have to do is set the right temperature on the unit, and it will stay at that temperature. What you need to do is attach the coil first to the banger before you turn it on. This eliminates thermal shock and keeps your banger from cracking.

Heating a quartz banger is a learning process because not all bangers are precisely the same. Use your eyes and sense of touch. Some put their hand above the banger at a distance to measure the radiant heat to know that they’ve heated the banger right. Through keen observation, you’ll be able to use your quartz banger intuitively and get perfect dabs every time.


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