How to Load a Dab Pen

February 20, 2019 Dab Pen

How to Load a Dab Pen

Congratulations on purchasing your dab pen here at BigDaddySmoke! For those who are new to dabbing, or trying out a Yucan dab pen for the first time, we’ll teach you how to load it. This technique can also apply to any other dab pen that you purchase here with us.

Step 1: The materials

Prepare everything you need before you load your dab pen. Charge your unit before anything else. Make sure that you have your wax tool cleaned and your concentrates ready. The wax or dab tool is important when loading. You may see other tutorials saying, oh you don’t need a dab tool to load your pen, your fingers are good enough. Using your fingers can contaminate your concentrate. Imagine the stuff that you touched the whole day.

Step 2: Unlocking and priming the wick

Unscrew the mouthpiece and the chamber cap to reveal the dual quartz coil. Depending on the type of unit you have, you have to unlock the device. Almost all dab pens come with a safety feature that shuts the unit down and locks it when pressed repeatedly. With the Yucan dab pen, press the power button five times, and you’re ready to go. Prime the coils by heating it. You could either pulse the unit or cycle through the pre-programmed temperature settings of the Yucan Pandon vape pen.

Priming also helps the dab pen produce thicker vapor and consistent hits. Another reason for priming the wick is for you to become familiar with the heating system of the dab pen. A new dab pen takes a bit longer to heat up compared to one that’s has seen many dab sessions. Once you know how many seconds it will take to for the coil to glow, you will know how to regulate the temperature of your dabs.

Step 3: Loading

Get your dab tool and grab a small amount of concentrate. If you are loading shatter in your dab pen make sure that you break it into small pieces for a smooth and even vaporization. We suggest you go first with 0.1g of concentrate or ¾ the capacity of the chamber, especially if this is your first time. Gently place the concentrate inside the atomizer and position it on top of the coils. Scrape your dab tool at the sides of the atomizer, or jiggle the wax carefully on top of the coils. Be careful not to touch the coils with your dab tool or press too hard with your concentrate. These are very delicate, and the wrong pressure can damage them.

Re-attach the chamber cap then the mouthpiece, and you’re ready to start dabbing. Press the power button until you get your desired temperature, and then take slow but steady drags from your dab pen. This is for you to enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates.

Step 4: Reloading

You’ll know that you need to reload when the flavor starts to mellow or disappear entirely. However, before reloading, check the atomizer chamber. You can reload the same way if the chamber is empty. But if you see some concentrates left on the wick, your dab pen needs recharging.

Dab pens are easy and fun to use. If you wish to get potent dabs with a strong flavor on the go, the dab pen is just right for you. Remember not to overload the atomizer to prevent damaging your coils. The coils are the life of your dab pen, so treat it carefully.

Keep in mind that this process is for dab pens. If you wish to vape dry herbs, try out one of our dry herb vape pens. We’ll discuss packing dry herbs with your vape pen on another post, so stay tuned!

We hope this tip helps you in loading your dab pen. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them at the comment section!


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