How to Make a Gravity Bong with a Socket

January 09, 2019 Bong Posts

How to Make a Gravity Bong with a Socket

A gravity bong works by using the action of gravity to pull in the smoke into a chamber. The amount of smoke and the quality of milk it produces makes it one of the popular smoking devices for big rips that really hit. You can make your own gravity bong at home; however, it’s best to create one with a socket instead of using plastic caps and/or tin foil. Here’s what you need for making your own gravity bong with a socket.

  • A 2L water bottle (or any bottle size depending on your capacity)
  • Stainless steel socket or wrench bit that will fit the lip of your water bottle
  • Wire gauze
  • Wire cutters
  • Masking tape
  • Lighter
  • A bucket, jar, or juice shaker that would accommodate your two-litter, preferably one that is 6 inches smaller than your cut water bottle.

Once you got all your materials, you are ready to start your DIY gravity bong.

How to make a gravity bong with a socket

  1. Clean all of your materials, especially the socket or wrench bit to remove any harmful oils and chemicals.
  2. Cut out an inch or two off the bottom of your water bottle. Alternatively, you can place multiple holes through the bottom, covering about an inch or two around the base. Therefore this is best for those who are trying out a DIY gravity bong for the first time as it slows down the flow of water.
  3. Place wire gauze inside the socket. Ensure that the fit is snug so that no herb will fall through the socket and get wasted. Us wire cutters if needed.
  4. Check the fit of your socket. If it’s too small for the lip, you can wrap masking tape around the lower end to make an air-tight joint.
  5. Alternatively, you could cut a small hole out of the cap of your water bottle and push in your socket. Make sure that the fit is snug and air-tight. Use a lighter to lightly melt and seal the edges.
  6. Push the socket through the lip of the water bottle or screw the cap. Placing socket and pulling out gravity bong. How to use a DIY Gravity bong with socket. Image source: WikiHow
  7. Fill up the socket with your favorite herb.
  8. Add water to your base and put it on top of a sturdy, flat surface.
  9. Place your water bottle inside it. Push down the water bottle firmly if you have multiple holes in it.
  10. Light up your herb and pull up your gravity bong from the water base.
  11. Let the water bottle collect smoke and watch the milk thicken.
  12. Unscrew the cap or remove the socket when you got enough smoke inside the gravity bong.
  13. Take a hit and enjoy. You can either take a full drag or share the goodness with your friends.

The process of making your own gravity bong is pretty simple. All you need is a couple of household items and a quick trip to your local hardware and you can have your own gravity bong within minutes.

Things to consider with a DIY gravity bong

  • All bongs need to be clean in order for you to appreciate the flavor of your herb. A DIY gravity bong needs to be maintained regularly. If you are not into maintaining one, dispose of the used plastic bottle and use a new one.
  • Always make sure that you use food-grade BPA free plastic when you are making your own gravity bong. Plastics are known carcinogens, so therefore make it a point to use plastic water bottles that are safe and have not been lying around to ferment for weeks.
  • Only use stainless steel sockets to prevent any problems with toxins. You should also use wire gauze from smoke shops.
  • Watch the smoke. Pull up too slow, and you’re exposing the smoke to too much air. Pull up too fast, and you’ll certainly burn up your herbs too quickly.
  • You can use different sizes of water bottles. Using a gravity bong is all about your enjoyment. Don’t force yourself to take big rips just to impress your friends. Start small, and gradually increase the size of the water bottle when you can take deep drags.

How do you make your own gravity bong? How do you enjoy it with friends? Share your experiences with your DIY gravity bong and share it at the comment section below! We also have information if you’re running into issues and asking, why won’t my gravity bong work?

Featured image source: u/bug4, Reddit.


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