How to Properly Use a Quartz Banger

October 22, 2019 Dab Rigs

How to Properly Use a Quartz Banger

Quartz bangers are a dabber’s favorite because it gives full, flavorful dabs. However, some are at a loss on getting the right temperature. Here’s how to use a quartz banger properly based on your dabbing preference.


Do you experience any of these situations when you use your quartz banger?

  • Too much wax leftover
  • Concentrates getting black
  • The banger got a crack
  • Tasteless, harsh dabs
  • Your concentrate is violently bubbling away in the banger
  • There are some warped areas in the banger

These are just of the signs that tell you that there’s a problem with the way you’re torching your banger. You have to pay close attention to the way you’re torching the nail. When you take the time to improve on your torching technique, you’ll see that you and your quartz banger will get along just fine.

Use the tip of the blue flame.

How to use a quartz banger

Now let’s talk about how to use your quartz banger properly. Make sure you have your rig ready along with your banger, torch, Q-tips with a bamboo body, dab tool, and concentrate.

  1. Open your torch and open it up to full so that you have a beautiful, steady blue flame going.
  2. Sweep your torch under and around the base of the banger. Make sure that you’re touching the quartz with the tip of the central blue flame. Don’t point the flame on one area to spread the heat evenly. However, if you have a small quartz banger, torch the underside while sweeping back and forth. This helps you get an even heat, eliminating hot and cold spots on the base of your banger.
  3. Keep going until you see the banger starting to glow. Don’t wait for it to go angry red. Although the banger is made of quartz, the intense heat will warp the material. Depending on the thickness and quality of the quartz banger, it’s going to take about 30-60 seconds.
  4. Wait for the banger to cool down. For low temp dabs, it usually takes about 30-45 seconds on average. Longer if your quartz banger is thick or has an opaque bottom. Don’t wait too long if you have a thin, rounded, or small bucket. If you want high-temp dabs, wait 10-25 seconds.
  5. Others test it by waving the palm of their hands across the banger. If it radiates heat, it’s too hot. If it’s warm, it’s good to go.
  6. Grab your dab rig and pull from the mouthpiece. Take your dab tool with your chosen concentrate and touch it to the inside of the banger, swirling it around until it vaporizes. Grab the carb cap and cover the banger to get all the vapor that you can.

An opaque bottom will take longer to cool down.

Other tips

Using your quartz banger means using your senses to know how it works. Keenly observe the glow as well as how the concentrate bubbles when you apply concentrate. Your dab should bubble and vaporize, not boil away and burn. It’s better to start low than to start high. You can always sweep a torch on the underside of the banger if your concentrate is not vaporizing well. Starting too high will burn off your dab and waste the flavor of your concentrate.

Feel the heat that radiates from the banger, and memorize the sensation. Don’t skip the cool-down time. Most of those new to dabbing swear off because they take their dabs immediately. No amount of water and recycling action will be able to cool down that smoke to an acceptable level for your throat and lungs. Most importantly, taste the dab and see which heating and waiting period gives you the best flavor.

If you’re a fan of low temp dabs, your carb cap and Q-tip are your friends. The carb cap keeps the vapor from escaping, and the Q-tip keeps your concentrate from sticking and layering inside the banger. Always use a clean Q-tip to clean after a dab instead of burning it off. Others eliminate left-over concentrates by burning, which creates a gray, opaque layer on the surface of the banger. Your banger will lose its brilliance and clarity, and it will also affect how the heat is distributed around the banger.

Many love using quartz banger because they vaporize concentrates well and save on dabs. Use your quartz banger to the fullest so that you’ll be able to learn how to use it intuitively.


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