How to Unclog a One-hitter?

February 17, 2020 Handheld Pipes

How to Unclog a One-hitter?

One of the best things that we like about one-hitters is that you can use it even when you’re on the go or rushing on your task. Just scoop the herbs in your dugout, light it, and go. However, because of the convenience, we often neglect to tap out the ash properly after each use. The result is a blocked one-hitter that no longer functions as efficiently as before. We’ll teach you how to unclog a one-hitter so that you can use it again just like new.

Materials for unclogging a one-hitter

Here are the necessary tools that you need to use to get that stubborn clog out of your one-hitter.

Soak your one-hitter in iso and salt to soften the resin.

  • Isopropyl alcohol 95% or higher
  • Kosher or sea salt (the grainier the salt, the better)
  • Pipe cleaners with stiff wires and hard bristles
  • A piece of wire hanger or wire of the same tensile strength and gauge. A micro screwdriver can also do the trick.
  • Small Ziploc bag that can hold the one-hitter horizontally with a bit of extra room

You’re going to need the wire to nudge or scrape out the resin. A flat screwdriver will also work well for scraping the resin out. Don’t use toothpicks or wooden Q-tip stems as they can break.

How to unclog a one-hitter

  1. Rinse the one-hitter with warm water for 30 seconds to help loosen the resin
  2. Place the one-hitter inside the Ziploc bag and submerge it in iso alcohol.
  3. Add a generous amount of salt, probably around half or three-quarters of a teaspoon.
  4. Seal the plastic bag and shake it for 15-30 seconds to help the salt and iso go through the one-hitter.
  5. Let the pipe soak for 1-4 hours.
  6. Take it out of the bag, but don’t discard the solution just yet. Use the wire or micro screwdriver to scrape out the resin. If the clog is still too hard, give the handheld pipe another soak, preferably overnight.
  7. Remove the one-hitter from the bag. By this time, the resin should be soft enough for easy removal.
  8. Push the clog out with your wire or micro screwdriver. Use the pipe cleaners to get any stubborn resin on the inner walls of the pipe.
  9. Dip the pipe repeatedly in iso to get the loosened debris out.
  10. Once the pipe comes out clean, rinse your one-hitter thoroughly under running water to get all the alcohol out.
  11. Let it dry thoroughly before using it again.

A wire hanger is a perfect, handy tool that can help you push out the blockage from your pipe.

What if I have a wooden one-hitter?

Soaking a wooden one-hitter should be done with caution. Don’t let it soak for a long time as it can absorb and expand. Nothing ruins a good smoking session like inhaling alcohol fumes. If you plan to soak your wooden one-hitter, make sure that it’s completely dry before you use it.

Some say boiling can do the trick

One of the advice we’ve seen on how to unclog one-hitter is boiling. We strongly suggest that you do this with caution. There’s no way of knowing what’s going to happen when you boil your one-hitter. Doing this with a glass blunt will increase your risk of breakage due to thermal shock.

All the more so if you have a wooden one-hitter. Wood can get waterlogged and expand due to heat. Also, some one-hitters have glass mouthpieces on them, making it dangerous to boil. Even if you have a one with metal parts as in the case of those with an eject system, boiling is still a no. The trapped moisture in the wood can cause the metal parts to rust, interfering with your one-hitter’s function.

How do I keep the pipe from getting clogged again?

Regular cleaning is always the best way to keep the resin from building up and clogging your pipe. Use your pipe cleaner to scrub out ash and resin after each use.

Practice tapping out and disposing of your ash after hitting. Don’t store your one-hitter in the dugout or jam it in your pocket immediately. Discarding ash while the pipe is still warm is the best way to prevent combusted residue from blocking your pipe.

Do you have a different technique for unclogging your one-hitter? Do share them with us in the comment section!


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