How to Use A Carb Cap for The Best Dabs

October 14, 2020 Dab Rig Parts

How to Use A Carb Cap for The Best Dabs

Quartz bangers will give you a fantastic dabbing experience, especially when paired with a carb cap. Capping your dabs is the best way to maximize the flavor of your dabs. We’ll teach you how to use a carb cap so that you’ll enjoy every ounce of flavor in your session.

How to use a carb cap?

Using a carb cap is easy, and using it the right way will enhance your dabbing session.

  1. Prepare your dab, dab tools, dab rig, and torch. Have the carb cap ready within reach. Some carb caps come paired with a dab tool, making it easy for you to dab and carb.
  2. Heat your nail to your desired heat intensity, then wait for it to cool down to your preferred dabbing temperature.
  3. Pull from the mouthpiece, place the dab inside the nail and cover the top with the carb cap.
  4. Twirl or spin the carb cap on the nail if you’re using a round or bubble carb cap.
  5. If you have a titanium carb cap or one with a flat base, you can regulate the airflow by tapping the carb cap up and down the nail’s surface.
  6. Once you’ve filled the dab rig with enough vapor, lift the carb cap from the nail or banger.
  7. Clear the dab rig and repeat the process.

Why do you need one?

Smoke travels the path of least resistance. When you vaporize your dabs, that delicious vapor rises up to the air. Most of the vapor will just disintegrate, wasting all that precious concentrate. Hard as you’re trying to pull from the rig, you’ll mostly end up taking in the air instead of vapor.

The carb cap works as a lid that gives you control over the airflow and pressure. It’s designed to fit over domeless nails and banger, with some shaped to fit special nails. The heat resistant material allows you to use it at any dab temperature that you desire. However, you’ll appreciate them most when you do low-temp dabs. By covering the top of your nail, you trap all the heat and vapor inside the nail. Your dabs get vaporized better, and you can easily pull from the dab rig.

There’s a small hole set at the center of the carburetor cap that works by allowing air to go down the nail. This makes it easy for you to suck the vapor from the nail down to the dab rig. Not only that, the airflow cools down the vapor, making it easier for you to savor the flavor of your herbs.

Getting the right carb cap

We’ll give you a crash course on what to look for those who are at a loss in choosing which carburetor cap to take.

  • Material – get a cap that’s made with heat resistant material. The most common ones are titanium, but you can get ones made of borosilicate glass or quartz. Some just match the material of the nail to the carb cap for a more aesthetic appeal. However, make sure you only get ones made of Grade 2-3 titanium, or high-quality boro glass and quartz.
  • Size & Shape – Don’t just go for the popular ones. Look at your nail and study the size and shape. You need a carb cap that will create a proper seal around the opening and easy to control.

There are also different types of carb caps, and each has various ways of creating a sesh suitable to your preference.

  • Standard carb cap – these are the usual designs that you can get included in a kit. The shape is similar to a standard nail or the bottom half of a quartz banger. They usually come with a dabber tool to make it easy for you to place it on the nail.
  • Directional flow carb cap – there’s a funnel-like spout at the bottom that allows you to steer the air in different directions. Ideal if you’re a fan of terp pearls.
  • Bubble cap – the bubble body makes it easy for you to control the cap, and it works best for flat-top bangers.

Once you know how to use this dab tool, you’ll see the difference in your dabbing session. You’ll be able to vaporize your dabs efficiently, helping you conserve your dabs and save your money. Clearing the dab rig is also easier because you’ll be controlling the airflow.

Have you tried using one for your sesh? Which one is your favorite, and which banger do you pair it with? Share your capping experience in our comment section below!


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