How To Use A Glass Blunt With A Bong

October 04, 2019 Glass Blunts

How To Use A Glass Blunt With A Bong

Using a glass blunt is an economical way of enjoying your favorite herbs and flower. No more paper rolling, and your herbs won’t burn like a joint would while you’re busy talking with friends. But wouldn’t it be better if you can filter and cool down that smoke, and still enjoy an extended session? Read on and we’ll teach you how to use a glass blunt with a bong for smoother, cooler hits.

What do I need?

The first thing you need to do is to match your glass blunt with the joint of your bong. On average, a 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt can fit in a 14mm female downstem or joint. How do you know if you have a 14mm female joint? If the joint’s mouth is wide and you can insert an object inside of it easily, it’s female. Don’t worry, male joints and downstems for bongs are rare.

Next is the dime test. A 14mm joint will barely accommodate a dime. 10mm joints will be significantly smaller for the dime to fit in. On the other hand, a dime can fit inside an 18mm joint.

Adapters can help you use your glass blunt with your bong even if you have a male joint.

Once you’ve identified your joint size, apply the necessary adapters. For male joints, you need to get a female-to-female joint adapter to accommodate your glass blunt. The other female end of the adapter should be 14mm in size to hold your blunt.

The best glass blunt to use for bongs are ones that have a cone-shaped mouthpiece like the 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt. What’s good about the 7pipe is that it can sit well inside the joint without any awkward curves and spaces. The straight cylindrical chamber helps you keep the blunt steady inside the joint as you smoke.

A snug fit is important for the same reason why your bowl should fit perfectly with your bong. Any air gaps around the mouthpiece of the glass blunt will make it hard for you to pull smoke in from the blunt to your bong.

How to use a glass blunt with your favorite bong?

Now let’s get started with using that beautiful glass blunt for an extended session without refill interruptions.

  1. Pack your glass blunt with enough herbs. You can load a one-hitter, or pack it midway or full if you want an extended or shared sesh with friends.
  2. Fill your bong with the recommended water level, usually 1/3 of the base, or until you submerge 2 inches of the downstem.
  3. Insert the mouthpiece of the glass blunt inside the joint or downstem.
  4. Pull through the bong’s mouthpiece and light up your glass blunt.
  5. Get the desired amount of smoke and get the milk going as thick as you want.
  6. Lift the blunt from the joint and clear the smoke.
  7. When you see about 3mm of ash on the tip, twist the mouthpiece or push the slider to move the ash forward. Tap the glass blunt gently to remove the ash. Be careful not to push too much, or you’ll tap out the cherry, and you’ll need to light the blunt again.
  8. Continue with your sesh until you got the recreational or medicinal effects that you need.

Using a glass blunt with a bong is fun

The best part of using a glass blunt with your bong is that you can keep your ground herbs inside the blunt. When you use a silicone cap at the tip of the blunt, you’ll get an almost air-tight seal to prevent the herbs from going stale. There’s no need to use all the herbs inside your glass blunt.

You can use any bong with your glass blunt. For smoother hits, we recommend using the Rick and Morty Fixed Downstem Disc Perc Bong for a fun session with optimal filtration. Another one is the Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Fixed Diffused Downstem Perc Gravity Recycler Bong. Smoke from your glass blunt will cycle in an infinite loop, giving you the smoothest, cleanest hits you’ll get from a bong.

Glass blunts are fun to use with a bong. There’s no need to re-pack or clean in between sessions. If you get a large enough glass blunt, a full pack will be more than enough to satisfy you and your friends.

Have you tried using a glass blunt with your bong? Please share your experience and feel free to show pictures of your glass blunt-bong setup in the comment section!


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