HVY GLASS Bongs Vendor Review

October 10, 2019 Brands

HVY GLASS Bongs Vendor Review

When you’re looking for an impressive glass piece, there are some brands that you just know will give you a fantastic experience. They make choosing bongs and dab rigs easy because they’ve created a solid reputation based on durability and functionality. HYV Glass is one of the brands that many smokers go to when buying a bong online. What makes enthusiasts prefer them over other glass companies? Let’s find out.

HVY Glass history

Located in the South Bay area of LA, California, HVY Glass has been making glass pieces for ten years, relatively younger than Mav Glass. The company’s established a name for producing uniquely designed bongs with their signature colors and aesthetic appeal. Their dedication to providing exceptional glass pieces starts with using only the finest German Schott glass and American borosilicate glass.


This bubble base bong has the signature swirls and coils of colorful pattern along with glass marble adornments that are uniquely HVY Glass.

In 2009, HVY Glass was exclusive to physical stores, and it was hard to reach them for a replacement. They prioritized distributing their product to local headshops and are proud to support local businesses. Lucky enough for us, the HVY Glass modernized and created their own website. They’ve also partnered with other online headshops, making their produces easily accessible to smoking enthusiasts all over the country.

Right now, there’s an astounding collection of HVY glass bongs, ranging from straight tubes, beakers, and bubble base. All of their pieces are thick-walled, dependable, and heavy-duty. Once a headshop gets HVY in their inventory, the glass pieces soon become top-selling brands and a favorite for loyal patrons.

Colorful glass pieces

HVY perfected the art of creating breathtaking bongs using cane and fumed glass. The colors are so vibrant, and the designs are highly detailed. The swirls of color in the bong, as well as blown-glass adornments, make their bongs stand out among top-shelf bongs. They’ve crafted their own style of glassblowing techniques of incorporating color to glass that makes their glass pieces highly identifiable. Even at a distance, you’ll instantly know that that bong right there is from HVY Glass.

HVY’s heady glass pieces are handblown by expert artists. The production is limited to maintain high quality and excellence, so don’t be surprised if the glass piece goes out of stock or production. Each piece is also unique, so you won’t get the same design even from the same line. If you’re eyeing a fumed glass or coiled neck bong, don’t wait too long because they are highly popular.

hvy glass scientific bong

Simple in design, this scientific glass has a bent chamber to help cool down smoke and provide an easy grip.

Clear scientific glass bongs

If you’re not a fan of their bold colors and signature glass accents, HVY has clear, scientific glass pieces that are so clear and brilliant, you’ll instantly fall in love with them. You won’t get any flimsy bong from HVY. Even their scientific glass bongs come in 5mm-9mm thickness, ensuring long hours and years of smoking enjoyment.

What customers are saying

Many love their pieces, especially when they get an HVY Glass beaker bong. The flared, thick mouthpiece makes it easy and comfortable to use. Add in a bent neck option, and you’ll get the added convenience of assuming a regular sitting or standing position when taking a hit. The beaker bongs are also designed to help you enjoy dabs alternatively with your herbs.

The designs also look expensive, and some are even comparing it to a RooR, but at a more affordable price. Be careful though, when you get one. HVY Glass designed their bong pieces to be heavy hitters, especially their massive bongs. For those who have weak lungs, clearing out the smoke may be a challenge. Not because of the pull, no one has had drag issues yet with HVY. It’s the sheer volume of smoke that you can get from the bong that makes it essential that you exercise prudence when you, a hit. Depending on your capacity, one or two hits will be enough.

The ice catchers are also perfectly positioned that it can allow you to use up to 4 ice cubes even for a mini beaker for cooler hits. Perfect for those who can’t stand the heat but don’t want too much water to filter out smoke.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty glass that is affordable, very attractive, yet highly functional, we highly recommend getting HVY Glass bongs. With a decade-long history of providing smokers one of the best bongs to use, you’ll never regret purchasing any HVY Glass bongs for sale.


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