Magic Flight Finishing Grinder: The Best for Vapes

June 10, 2020 Grinders

Magic Flight Finishing Grinder: The Best for Vapes

Most grinders are designed for bongs and blunts, creating that fluffy grind that’s ideal for combustion. However, when vaporizers came, many grinders weren’t capable of creating a grind that will bring out their efficiency. Wanting to bring out the full functionality of their vaporizers, the makers of the MFLB came out with the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder.

What is the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder?

The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder was created to enhance your vaping experience with the Magic  Flight Launch Box. Just like the vaporizer, this grinder is made up of solid yet sustainable hardwood for the exterior. You can choose between three types of wood: Maple, Cherry, or Walnut.

It’s a really small grinder that’s barely 2” in diameter and comes in two parts: the lid and the grinding chamber. The lid has grooves that will help you push the herbs against the grater, which is made of stainless steel. Underneath the grater is a lip that makes it sit securely on top of the MFLB.

How to use the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

It’s recommended that you dry your herbs a bit to lessen the resin that will stick and gunk up the grinder. There are two ways to use the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder. The most common one is using it with the Magic Flight Launch Box.

  1. Slide the acrylic door of the Launch Box to open the trench.
  2. Place the MFLB finishing grinder on the trench and press gently until it’s snuggly connected to the vaporizer.
  3. Open the lid and fill the grinding chamber about half-way. Don’t overfill as you’ll be packing too much herb in the MFLB.
  4. Replace the cover and turn the top 5-10 times, although you can go as far as 15 if you prefer.
  5. Press the lid as you turn to push the herbs against the grater.
  6. Continue grating until you feel very little or no resistance from the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder.
  7. Lift the grinder up and slide the MFLB’s acrylic door back to cover the trench.
magic flight finishing grinder bottom

The bottom of a Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

When you’re using it for other vaporizers, you can use it straight up. Also, it’s called a finishing grinder because you can use pre-ground herbs from your standard

  1. Open the lid of the grinder and fill the chamber until it’s 3/4’s full or up to below the rim.
  2. Get your rolling tray ready or the collecting chamber of your grinder.
  3. Close the lid of the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder and grind your herbs as you hold it on top of your tray or grinder chamber.
  4. Push as you turn, grind the herbs to grate it against the steel mesh.

How to clean the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

Cleaning the grinder can be a bit challenging because of the wooden material. However, maintaining the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is easier than you think.

You can pry out the metal screen using a pen. Just push gently and firmly until it disengages from the bottom of the grinder. You can soak the metal in iso to get the residue out. Be careful when you pry it out so that you don’t damage the connecting loops as well as spill the kief hiding beneath it.

As for the wooden chamber, you can use a brush to scrape out the stuck on plant material after each grinding. A Q-Tip barely moistened with iso can also help remove the stuck-on resin. Just make sure not to soak the buds too much, or you won’t be able to use the grinder for a long time.

Should you get it?

When it comes to its grinding performance, the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder does give you that fine, consistent grind. Many are saying the price is worth it, and the flavors of your hits are better compared to using standard grinders.

Although it can work for most grinders like the Pax and Storz & Bickel Volcano, it’s not that compatible with the Arizer. It’s ideal for vaporizers that have a fine screen that will prevent tiny botanical particulates from getting into the vaporizer.

Is it a must-have? Not necessarily, but it can definitely help extend your herbs and make vaping a more pleasant experience. If you want something more substantial and less expensive, check out our collection here.. We’ve got special staff-picked grinders that can work for you, whether you’re smoking or vaping your herbs.


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