Male vs Female Bong Bowls: Which is Better

October 17, 2019 Bong Parts

Male vs Female Bong Bowls: Which is Better

When you shop for a bong bowl, you’ll see a male bowl and a female bong bowl. Ever wonder which one is better for your bong? Let’s take a closer look at your water pipe, and see which bowl will be the best one for you.

Getting the basics

There are several reasons why you’re looking at buying a new bowl for your bong:

  • The standard bowl that came with your bong is too plain.
  • The bowl is too small/too big.
  • It’s broken, and you need a replacement.

Before you browse through our collection of fantastic bong bowls, let’s have a closer look at your bong first. Focus on the joint, which is where you place your bowl to enjoy your favorite herb. The joint determines the gender of your bong, which is why some smokers call their water pipes a “he” or a “she.” Here’s how you can tell the difference.

Grav Labs Glass 14mm Female Beaker Bong 12 inch

This Grav Labs 12” Beaker Bong accepts a bowl to go inside the downstem, making it a female bong.

Male bong

A male bong has a tapering tube that extends from the stem of your bong. As a protruding part, you usually place the bong bowl “on” the joint. No matter what joint size a male bong has, it’s difficult for you to insert anything bigger than a pencil through its opening. You’ll have a wider diameter on the outside compared to the hole within the joint. These joints are commonly seen in dab rigs, so it’s really rare for you to see a bong that has a male joint.

Female bong

A female bong, on the other hand, has the opposite characteristics. It’s a hollow cylinder that widens at the lip, allowing you to insert your downstem or your bowl “in” the opening. Compared to a male joint, a female one has a bigger aperture that allows you to insert a dime inside or a small marble inside. Most bongs have female joints, even those that have inline percs such as our Assorted Glass 14mm Female Inline Perc Bong.

Which one should I choose?

Now that we’ve identified your water pipe’s gender, it’s time to choose which bong bowl is best for you. When choosing a bong, think about opposites. Remember what your teacher taught you in anatomy and sex ed? Male goes inside a female, and a female covers the male.

Pulsar Worked Glass Handle 19mm Male Matrix Arm Bong Bowl

Notice the tapering shaft at the bottom from this Pular Worked Glass Handle 19mm Male Matrix Arm Bong Bowl?

If you have a male bong, or if you want to use your dab rig for flower, you should get a female bong bowl. One example is the Pulsar Rounded Glass 19mm Female bong bowl. It’s a bowl that has a widening chamber at the bottom that will slide over the phalanx of the male joint. Female bowls are like gloves that fit over a male bong. It covers the entire shaft of the male joint, creating a seal that allows the smoke to go through the joint’s opening. You can quickly identify a female bong bowl by comparing its base to the lower half of a traffic cone or a lampshade.

For female water pipes, it will naturally accept a male bong bowl like this Snake Glass 14mm Male Bong Bowl. The bottom is an inverted tapering cone with a narrow opening at the bottom. Think about the tapering bottom of a flower vase or an inverted pillar. The shaft creates a tunnel for the smoke to sink inside the downstem of your bong, making it easy for you to pull down the smoke.

Male vs Female bong bowls

There’s really no difference in terms of function between a male and a female bong bowl. Both have the same functionality when it comes to delivering smoke inside your bong. All you have to do is match the gender of your bong to that of your bowl in order to enjoy your herbs. Just remember the general rule: a male bowl goes in, while a female bowl slides over.

If you happen to see a bong bowl that you absolutely love but have the same gender as your bong, don’t worry about it. You can still use it with the help of an adapter that will convert your bong’s joint to allow you to use that beautiful bowl.


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