Maverick Glass: What Makes Their Glass Pieces Special?

October 09, 2019 Brands

Maverick Glass: What Makes Their Glass Pieces Special?

Maverick Glass, fondly called as Mav Glass by loyal smokers, is one of the legends in the glass blowing industry. Based on LA, California, the company’s continuously active in producing high-end, premium glass smoking pieces, and accessories. In their 20 years in the industry, they’ve created a perfect style of their own that will make you say: “Hey, that’s a Maverick Glass piece!”

The Maverick Glass pieces


Maverick Glass Double Neck Bestie bong for 2-person sharing.

There’s no questioning the quality of Mav Glass. Every single product is made with extreme attention to detail and functionality in mind. All scientific glass pieces are expertly put together by a team of exceptional glass blowers for efficiency and consistency. The last puff you’ll get is the same as the first one, and there’s no compromise in between.

Of course, no glass company will last for two decades if you get the same piece over and over again. Mav Glass makes sure that their designs evolve as the industry and culture of smoking changes throughout history. Mav creates amazing products using high-quality borosilicate glass in a single facility to ensure strict and consistent attention to detail and quality. If there’s anything universal about all of Mav’s products, is the fact that they are all made with thick glass and have a solid, sturdy feel to them.

Maverick Glass also collaborates with other companies as well as other artists like Corey Divine. The combination of functionality and intricate geometry gives rise to unique glass pieces that are beautifully exceptional.

Mav Glass bongs

Thick glass body and base, Mav Glass bongs are super durable and beautiful to look at. The simplicity of the bongs belies the impressive smoking experience that you’ll get. If you want a similar experience from an Illadelph or RooR bong, the Mav is your affordable alternative.

Bent neck bongs are comfortable and keep you from getting your hair or your eyebrows singed. Some have ice catchers, but due to the balance of the design, you don’t have to depend on it too much.

Mav Glass rig


The Mav Glass Double Uptake Hover Recycler.

Mav made their glass rig simple yet versatile. One example is the Mav Glass Klein Recycler that gives you stacks of bubbles for amazing diffusion. The Klein recycler aids in cooling down your vape for a smooth and easy experience.

You’ll notice that most of their dab rigs come with female joints. What it does is it makes your Mav Glass rig versatile that you can use your bong bowl to enjoy the taste of your favorite flower or herb. This is good for sharing a sesh in case you have someone over who prefers to enjoy herbs and find dabbing a little too hot.

Maverick glass accessories and attachments

Mav Glass also creates several bong and dab rig accessories that are beautifully crafted and durable. They are more than just eye-candy; Mav designed their accessories with precision and functionality in mind. You can get a Mav ash catcher, bowl, bucket, and terp cap.

One of their newest accessories is the Pacifica Switch, which is a recycler attachment for the Dr. Dabber Switch. The recycler is so unique, you have to get it to order, which can take about 4 days for production. It’s a challenge to find an attachment for the Dr. Dabber Switch because of the big induction coil and heating well. Maverick Glass was able to incorporate a recycler function with a vortex drain to the Switch attachment, giving you a smoother, cooler vaping experience.

The most notable accessory that Mav has is their quartz banger. Thick bases ensure even heating without any hot and cold spots. The heat retention is also amazing, giving you flexibility for both low and high temp dabs based on your dabbing preference. Some don’t like the wall thickness, though, because it limits the carb cap designs that you can use. However, it’s a small price to pay if you want a satisfying session.

If you’re looking for a great smoking or dabbing piece as well as other accessories to make your sesh enjoyable, Maverick Glass is a great choice. Thick glass, durable design, lots of functionality, these glass pieces are made to give you years of smoking enjoyment. Even their economical pieces are still of high quality. All glass pieces are made in the USA and are carefully hand blown with precision. You won’t get any thin, mass-produced cheap glass from this brand. If you want quality and affordability, consider adding Mav glass to your collection.


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