MJ Atlas Boro Glass Honeycomb Perc Spill Resistant Mini Dab Rig with 10mm Quartz Banger 4″



  • 4” tall
  • 2.5” base width for stability
  • Made with high-quality boro glass
  • Honeycomb perc for efficient diffusion
  • Double ball design that acts as a splash guard
  • Klein-style filtration for maximum cooling
  • Double uptake recycler for faster cooling and smooth hits
  • Allows you to take small-sized dabs without losing flavor
  • 10mm female joint
  • Quartz banger

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Compact and portable, the MJ Arsenal Atlas will make you feel that you hold the world in the palm of your hand. With its globe-in-globe design that double acts as a splashguard, the water stays in place to keep your hits dry.

Small rigs hit hard, but Atlas makes dabbing with such a small rig smooth and easy. It has a honeycomb perc that diffuses vapor inside the water chamber for filtration. The double ball Klein-style filtration efficiently cools down your dabs, making it smooth in your throat. With its micro-body, it allows you to take small dabs without losing flavor and potency.

The Atlas is created to elevate your dabbing experience with maximum flavor that doesn’t disappoint.


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Weight0.406 lbs
Dimensions6 × 5.15 × 2.75 in

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