MJ Arsenal Review: Small Glass Pieces, Big Rips

November 04, 2019 Brands

MJ Arsenal Review: Small Glass Pieces, Big Rips

Getting a smoking and dabbing buddy, especially if you’re looking for something portable, requires deep and careful contemplation. You don’t want to get something small and end up regretting your purchase because it’s not giving you the experience that you’re looking for. We’ve reviewed several glass brands, but here’s one that concentrates on producing small and tiny glass pieces. Let’s talk about MJ Arsenal and learn more about their cute yet highly functional glass pieces.

What is MJ Arsenal?

MJ Arsenal is a baby in the glass industry in more ways than one. They started in 2018, but it’s making its way well out of its infancy with a bang. Although not as old as GRAV, or RooR and not as established yet as Mothership Glass, MJ Arsenal grabbed a niche that makes their glass pieces stand out against fierce competition: small and almost micro-sized dabbing and smoking glass pieces.

MJ Arsenal Fabegg Perc 10mm Female Cyclone Mini Dab Rig with Quartz Banger 5 inch

This concept piece is so well designed, it became a favorite because of its fantastic performance.



Based in Denver, CO, they soon became one of the trendiest glass companies due to their inspired mini glass pieces that are made using high-quality borosilicate glass. Their goal: to give you the function of high-end glass pieces at a lesser cost – and smaller size! They take a look at highly popular glass pieces designed by known artists and shrink it down to proportion with a little twist of their own.

The MJ Arsenal Mini Rig

These guys seriously rip regardless of the size. They are so small that they can fit right in the palm of your hand. Before these guys, you’d think that you’ll only get a Fabegg or recycler dab rig in standard sizes. With great skill and attention to detail, MJ Arsenal created a line of miniature bongs and dab rigs, with some starting as an in-house concept that soon became a favorite.

Take, for example, the Infinity Mini Rig. Standing at 5” tall, this piece combines the amazing function of a Fab-egg and double uptake recycler. The hits are so flavorful and tasty; the experience is just insane. Because of the efficient cycling action, you get great colling and filtration without compromising flavor. You can use it for extended sessions without worrying about constant interruption for cleaning. It’s so crazy small that you can take a dab out of it while holding it like a wine glass. If you’re looking for an MJ Arsenal dab rig that will give you the best flavor, this is the baby for you.

MJ Arsenal Boro Glass 14mm Female Mini Beaker Bong 7 inch

Grind your herb and keep it, too. The Cache Mini Bong keeps stores your herbs airtight with its cork seal.

The MJ Arsenal Mini Bong

Although MJ Arsenal focuses more on dab rigs, they did not leave out herb lovers. Inspired by an ancient pipe in Southeast Asia, the MJ Arsenal Cache Mini Bong is your storage jar and mini glass bong. Grind your herb and store it in the airtight container, and have your herb within easy reach whenever you feel like hitting your bong.

As the only bong in the line, MJ Arsenal made sure that you won’t have any problems in terms of functionality. The diffuser downstem gives adequate filtration for a smooth and easy pull without any splash. For a bong this size, be prepared because it hits hard. The experience is simple, straightforward, but also gives you the full flavor of your herbs.

The MJ Arsenal Bottomline

MJ Arsenal took downsizing glass pieces literally to make them affordable. They are made with European scientific glass and made in china, which makes them amazingly affordable for yet durable. They are perfect for those who are looking for glass pieces that provide consistent functionality from start to finish.

A common issue with mini rigs is that it’s easy to get water in your mouth because of the tiny size. With the MJ Arsenal mini rig, you only get tasty vapor in your mouth and no backsplash. Amazingly enough, it’s the same with their mini bong! One thing for sure, if you want to enjoy the unadulterated flavor of your herbs and concentrates, MJ Arsenal will make it happen for you. If you have a favorite flavor, you’ll be surprised how crisp and clear those subtle notes will be when you use MJ Arsenal. These mini devices are highly recommended for discerning connoisseurs who have a highly discriminating palate. You can never go wrong with MJ Arsenal.


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