Monark Glass: Scientific Glass Made Simple

May 13, 2020 Bong Posts

Monark Glass: Scientific Glass Made Simple

Simple and sweet is sometimes the best experience, and that seems to be what you can get with Monark Glass. We did a simple research, and this is what we found out about them.

What is Monark Glass?

They started in 2015, just a few years after the Mothership landed on earth. The company is based in Southern California, comprised of a team of glass enthusiasts and smokers. As a team, all have only two things in mind: quality and the consumer.

Interestingly enough, it’s rare that you find Monark Glass in online headshops. They’re not offered in 420 Science and DankGEEK. They did mention on their webpage that you can ask about them in your local head shop.

The scientific glass pieces that you can get are bongs or flower tubes, bubblers, concentrate rigs, recyclers, and glass accessories.

Monark Glass bongs

These bongs come in the usual scientific designs: straight, beaker, and bucket. Some models come with percs, while you can get others on a simple, straightforward design.

One of the bongs that will capture your attention is the Monark Glass Clear Popped Hole Inline Laydown Tube. It’s got a popped hole inline perc that ends on a popped hole dome and comes in a non-spill design that serves a purpose Unlike most inline perc bongs that has a base to keep it upright, this bong sits on your table on an inclined angle. There’s no need to lean over in an awkward position when you smoke your bong. The joint is also set on an angle following the natural position of your wrist.


The bubblers come in different designs, all of which having eye-catching color accents. You have upright bubblers that have sidecar style mouthpieces, and Sherlock style bubblers with a deep push bowl. Just like the bong, you can also get an Inline Laydown bubbler for a relaxed, lazy way of smoking.

The most popular among the bubbler is the Double Circ bubbler. What you get is a smooth, clean toke as the smoke passes through two layers of efficient filtration.

monark fab egg dab rigConcentrate dab rigs

This is by far Monark Glass’ most extensive collection yet. Compared to the bongs and bubblers, you have 52 dab rig designs to choose from. In contrast, the designs are simple, except for the Faberge Egg rig. If you want a thick-walled piece, you can get the Monark Glass Fab Egg dab rig in 7mm tubing, which is one of the most durable in the collection.

The most popular is the Clear Double Maria Mini Recycler. Its got an inline perc and a flat mouthpiece for comfortable rips. As a recycler dab rig, you know you’ll get the cool, well-filtered hits that are still full of flavor.

Monark Glass accessories

Monark Glass created their own line of accessories that will help enhance your smoking and dabbing session.

You can get a showerhead ash catcher that will add a layer of filtration in your percless bong. Since Monark Glass is fond of dabbing, they have different types of quartz bangers to choose from. There’s also the quartz reactor banger and a heat reactive thermal quartz banger that will help you hit your desired dabbing temperature better. Pair the bangers with the carb caps, and you’re got a no-frills session going. If you prefer the dip and sip, there are some nectar collectors for you to try out.

The verdict

Monark Glass designs are made for smokers and dabbers who prefer to have a smooth session. The uncomplicated designs are ideal for first-timers, as well as those who want the full flavor of their herbs or dab rigs.

The most noticeable thing about their listings, though, is that the product descriptions are lacking. It’s up to you to fill up the gaps or reach out to the online head shop to ask about the size and thickness of the glass pieces. The poor descriptions may be an indicator that they mostly concentrate on brick and mortar smoke shops. There you don’t have to ask about the size as well as the functionality of the piece.

As for user experience, there aren’t any reviews around that will tell us how these pieces work for your sesh. Are they as dependable as Nucleus Glass and Beta Glass Labs? Or do the pieces feel like cheap glass? If you’ve had experience with Monark Glass, please share your story in our comment section! Looking for different scientific pieces? Click here now and browse through our handpicked brands!


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