Nectar Collector Tips and Tricks

June 11, 2019 Nectar Collectors

Nectar Collector Tips and Tricks

Nectar collectors put the fun in dabbing. They are easy to use, and the designs are just out of this world. It takes a lot of skill and craftsmanship to create a nectar collector that is capable of making a dabbing session easy and convenient. To get the most out of your session, here are some nectar collector tips and tricks that you should try out and follow.


Check for a snug fit

One of the main causes of nectar collector fail is the accidental separation of the tip or mouthpiece to the nectar collector body. Twist or pull the pieces with firm yet gentle pressure to check if the pieces are snug and tight.

Enforce joints

Always enforce joints by using joint wax or clamps to make sure that any accidents won’t happen. This also helps prevent unnecessary pressure when connecting joints together. To use joint wax:

  1. Start by applying a thin coat of wax on the mail joint.
  2. Sweep the torch gently on mail joint until the wax starts to melt.
  3. Swiftly insert it to the female joint and twist back and forth to spread the wax evenly between the two surfaces.
  4. Stop when you feel a snug connection between the pieces.

To disassemble, simply twist and wiggle until the parts come apart.

Pulsar boro glass swiss perc nectar collector 9.5 inch

The Pulsar Nectar Collector made with borosilicate glass has a Swiss perc for efficient and smooth rips with your dabs.

Filling the water chamber

Fill the nectar collector chamber slowly

Nectar collectors have a vacuum inside that helps keep the water in. If you fill it up too fast, this will cause the water to drip down in a stream from the tip end. If you’re having issues with filling the chamber with water, fill it from the tip joint instead of the mouthpiece. Just remember to dry the joint thoroughly before connecting the tip.

Fill the chamber without the tip

Filling the chamber with the tip connected can cause water to splash on the tip. It’s important that the tip is dry as trapped water can cause the tip or joint to crack. Sometimes it also causes accidents with the body shattering during use.

Add water half-way up

Less water means poor percolation. Too much water can cause nasty backsplash that can ruin your dabbing experience. Fill the chamber half-way up the diffuser to get the best percolation from your nectar collector.

Removing the water

You can remove the water through the mouthpiece end of the nectar collector. For pieces that have a fixed mouthpiece, remove the tip. Hold the nectar collector vertically and blow through the mouthpiece until you remove all the water.

Heating the tip

Sweep the flame

The best way to conserve the tip of your nectar collector is to avoid focusing the flame on one area. Sweep the flame across the tip in a sweeping or brushing motion until you see a faint glow.

Quartz tips lasts longer than glass. You can use it longer and it heats up faster, giving you exceptional dabbing performance

Treat the tip gently!

Be careful not to overheat the tip. A glowing red tip means you torched it too much. This can cause cracking of the tip or cause a thermal transfer to the joint. Some nectar collectors met their demise because of too much heating. Stop heating the moment you see the tip just barely starting to glow.

Keep the blue flame

The hottest part of your torch flame is in the blue area. Conserve your butane and heat the tip faster by heating the tip with the top of the blue flame, just right where it meets the yellow glow.

Heat horizontally

Prevent leaks by holding the nectar collector in a horizontal position while heating to avoid leaks. Some residue may still be inside the tip and can drip on the surface of the table, or your skin.

Using the nectar collector

A crack or two is okay
A cracked tip does not spell the end of your dabbing session. Because of the repeated heating and cooling, glass tends to form cracks naturally.

Draw before you dip

Nectar collectors vaporize dabs the moment the tip comes in contact with the concentrate. To save on dabs and extend the life of your stash, draw through the mouthpiece before you dip it in your concentrate. This way you won’t be wasting any vapor and you get to enjoy every last bit of your dab.

Dip and sip

Constantly pressing or dragging the tip across your concentrate can result in wasteful vaporization, or you can even burn your stash. Just dip the tip lightly and sip, then lift. Repeat the process until you got enough vapor in your lungs.

Do you have any special nectar collector tips and tricks? Please share them in our comment section!


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