Neon Green Glow in the Dark Boro Glass Spoon Pipe 4.25″



  • 4.25” long
  • Durable boro glass piece
  • Green fritted glass color
  • Glow in the dark feature for a deep visual experience
  • Classsic spoon design that’s comfortable to hold
  • Deep bowl for good extended, satisfying session
  • Compact, portable size

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Eliminate the worries and hardship of looking for your pipe in the dark. This spoon pipe comes in a light green color that glows in the dark. It’s a refreshing visual change for one who loves playing with their blacklight whether on solo sessions or smoking parties.

The hits are good too! Made with durable boro glass, you’ll only taste the true flavor of your herbs. Have a full mastery of the pipe by controlling the carb hole with each draw. Whether you like your hits small or big, this pipe will deliver the smoking experience that you’re looking for.


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