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Classic Rasta Color Spoon Pipe 4.75"

Classic Rasta Color Spoon Pipe 4.75"

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  • 4.75” long

  • Bright Rasta color design

  • Classic spoon shape that has a good fell

  • Made of thick boro glass that won’t break easily

  • Has a carb hole for controlling and cooling hits

  • Compact in size, ideal for traveling and smoking on the go

See the world in a different light. This classic spoon comes in striking, attention-grabbing Rasta color. It’s hand blown from borosilicate glass and has a deep push bowl for a good pack of herbs. The spoon pipe has a good weight to it because of the thickness of the glass. It’s not going to break easily and will last for more than a couple of years of smoking. The size is just right to fit your hand snugly, making it perfect for long, leisurely sessions.
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