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Dank Diva Blazin' Ashtray Glass

Dank Diva Blazin' Ashtray Glass

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Our Dank Diva Blazin’ Ashtray Glass is a stoner's best friend when it comes to looking for a place to ash a joint or a blunt. The ashtray is made of tempered glass and has been drop tested so this diva isn’t going to break your heart and into a million pieces. Our ashtrays are an essential part of a perfect sesh. 

❂Made from shatter-resistant tempered glass

❂Printed in full color 

❂Easy to Clean

❂Drop tested (check our Instagram highlights!)

❂4.5 in x 4.5 in x 0.5 in

140 in stock.

SKU: 7ddd6fdb-e0c0-4c07-a57c-bcef91a74211


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