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Empire Glasswork Vladimir Putin Spoon Hand Pipe 4.5"

Empire Glasswork Vladimir Putin Spoon Hand Pipe 4.5"

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  • 4.5” long

  • Authentic Empire Glassworks hand pipe

  • Made from durable American borosilicate glass

  • Novel Vladimir Putin theme design

  • Intricate lampwork technique

  • Individually handcrafted art piece

  • Details, decals, patterns, and sizes may vary

Only Empire Glassworks can pull off a pipe design like this Putin-inspired spoon hand pipe.

Created with their iconic lamp working artistic detail, this novel theme hand pipe has human-like facial features that make it a perfect gag gift or collector’s item for a smoking enthusiast. It’s well-made and can stand up for display when not in use.

The bowl at the back has enough room for a good pack of herbs for an enjoyable session. The carb hole at the hip allows you to cool down and regulate smoke. It’s such a good design that you’d want to keep it as your own. However, because the pipe is lovingly handmade, there may be some minor alterations in the design. Still, it will bear the same features and you’ll have fun smoking it with your friends.
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