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Empire Glassworks Fudgesicle Spoon Hand Pipe 4.25"

Empire Glassworks Fudgesicle Spoon Hand Pipe 4.25"

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  • 4.25” in size

  • Ice cream pop design

  • High-quality thick-glass hand pipe

  • Intricate Empire Glassworks lampwork design

  • Made in the USA

  • The popsicle shape makes it easy to hold and use

Hazelnut and chocolate lovers will love smoking out of this hand pipe. The bottom side looks like rich chocolate topped with delicious crunchy hazelnuts. The bowl is located on the white “ice cream” side, making it easy for you to see if you need a refill. The shape of the popsicle is just right for a comfortable hold, and it’s got a deep bowl for a great session. With the car conveniently added at the side, it’s easy for you to regulate your hits with each puff.

Made by Empire Glassworks, you know you have a pipe made of high-grade American-quality glass for durability and style.
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