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Empire Glassworks Popsicle Spoon Hand Pipe 5"

Empire Glassworks Popsicle Spoon Hand Pipe 5"

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  • 5” long

  • Authentic Empire Glassworks

  • Thick, durable, heavy boro glass

  • Melon chocolate design

  • Made in the USA

  • Deep push bowl

  • Well-balanced, comfortable to hold

  • Carb hole gives easy rips

  • Hand blown glass piece

  • Details, patterns, and colors may vary.

This is one pipe that you’d almost want to slurp. Empire Glasswork has done it again with this drool-inducing melon popsicle. The glass popsicle has a melon-colored body and decorated with shiny, glistening goo of oozing dark chocolate.

The stem at the end provides support as you hit the pipe. The deep push bowl lets you pack a good amount of herbs for a satisfying sesh. The carb hole at the left side gives you full control of your pipe, allowing you to cool smoke and get the good-sized hits that you want.

Fun, easy to hold, and highly functional, this pipe is a must-have for serious smokers and collectors.
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