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Empire Glassworks Potted Plants Spoon Hand Pipe 5"

Empire Glassworks Potted Plants Spoon Hand Pipe 5"

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  • 5” long

  • Authentic Empire Glassworks

  • Durable American borosilicate glass

  • Beautiful succulent and vase design

  • Lovely lampwork glass art

  • Made in the USA

  • Handcrafted glass peace

  • Details, patterns, and colors may vary.

If you can’t grow succulents in your apartment, then smoke one in your hand!

Empire Glassworks created a pipe for garden and nature lovers who are insane about succulents. The tip is decorated with bright green succulents, with one adorned with a bright red-orange desert flower. The vase has a deep bowl situated near the top and the mouthpiece at the bottom. The honeydew beads create an interesting sparkling contrast against the vase and act as a roll stop.

The pipe is easy to clean after use. Once you’re done, do some aftercare and stand it on your shelf, bowl facing backward. A beautiful discreet pipe if you don’t want others to know you’re smoking.
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