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Empire Glassworks Sprinkle Donut Spoon Hand Pipe 3"

Empire Glassworks Sprinkle Donut Spoon Hand Pipe 3"

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  • 3” diameter

  • Authentic Empire Glassworks hand pipe

  • Made with durable American borosilicate glass

  • Delicious, realistic-looking pipe

  • Sprinkle donut design

  • Beautiful lampwork technique

  • Individually handcrafted glass piece

  • Made in the USA

  • Details, colors, and patterns may vary

Donut lovers will drool and are going to love having a bite out of this hand pipe from Empire Glassworks.

This is one donut you won’t worry about ruining when you put it in your pocket. Underneath the delicious chocolate glaze and sprinkles is your herb bowl, which can give you a few hits per load. With the carb hole at the side, taking a drag from the bit end of the donut is easy.

As with any Empire Glassworks, this intricately designed pipe is handblown by expert glass artisans. Designs and patterns may vary, so you may see some variation of design from the picture. However, you’ll still get the same Empire Glassworks functionality that they are known for.
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