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Empire Glassworks Sunflower Spoon Hand Pipe 5.5"

Empire Glassworks Sunflower Spoon Hand Pipe 5.5"

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  • 5.5” long

  • Authentic Empire Glassworks

  • Made with thick American borosilicate glass

  • Lovely, colorful sunflower design

  • Detailed lampwork technique

  • Made in the USA

  • Custom blended colors exclusive to Empire Glassworks

Sunflowers are not only for summer fields and dancing in a pot on your desk.

Have summer at the palm of your hand with the Empire Glassworks Sunflower Spoon Hand pipe. Made with thick, durable borosilicate glass, this flower pipe is not as delicate as it looks. With Empire Glassworks custom blended, life-like colors, this pipe a beautiful addition to any hand pipe collection.

The deep bowl surrounded by stunning yellow petals can pack enough herbs for a leisurely session. You have full control over the smoke with the conveniently-located left-side carb hole. The leaves provide grip support and double a roll stopper. This is one sunflower that won’t run away even when summer ends.
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