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Fritted Glass Tropical Fish Boro Glass Pipe 3.75"

Fritted Glass Tropical Fish Boro Glass Pipe 3.75"

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  • 3.75” long

  • Fritted worked glass for smooth, easy hits

  • Tropical fish inspired Sherlock design for cooler smoke

  • Has built-in “fins” to keep it upright in between sesh

  • Deep push bowl for long smoking

  • Sturdy boro glass that won’t break easily

  • An expertly hand-blown glass piece

  • Colors, designs, and patterns may vary

It’s a fish that will cool down your smoke before it hits you! Boro glass is transformed beautifully into this fritted worked glass smoke piece. The intricate design will make envision a tropical fish happily swimming under the sea. With a deep push bowl and a handy carb hole at the side, you can lead your sesh any way you want.
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