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Glass Football 14mm Female Fixed Diffused Downstem Bong 7"

Glass Football 14mm Female Fixed Diffused Downstem Bong 7"

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  • 7” tall

  • Unique striped football design

  • Fixed diffuser downstem for smooth, clean hits

  • Wide, solid base that keeps it stable and steady

  • Good size for solid hits and sharing

  • Easy to use and pass around

  • 14mm female joint

  • 14mm male banger

Football lovers will always think of the football field during the sunset with this Glass Football Dab Rig.

Made of durable borosilicate glass, the rig has a three-color striped football design complete with laces. The wide circular base covers enough table surface to keep the rig steady as you and your friends watch a football play.

It comes with a fixed diffuser downstem that ends deep within the bong for effective diffusion and filtration. The joint comes in polished glass, giving it a sleek, smooth, and classy appearance. With a conical mouthpiece, ripping this oil rig is easy and smooth.
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