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Glass Rainbow Cloud Perc 14mm Female Beaker Bong 7.25"

Glass Rainbow Cloud Perc 14mm Female Beaker Bong 7.25"

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  • 7.25” tall

  • Made with durable borosilicate glass

  • Beautiful rainbow-colored fixed downstem

  • Cloud shaped perc for smooth, flavorful hits

  • Beaker base for adequate water volume

  • Good room for thick smoke

  • 14mm female joint

  • 14mm male cloud bowl included

Rainbows speak of peace and serenity. This bong features a colorful rainbow downstem that sits between two white clouds. With a clear and simple beaker design, this borosilicate glass beaker bong functions like a dream.

The fixed downstem ends in a cloud-shaped perc with little holes that break the smoke in small pieces. As the smoke bubbles, your smoke is filtered from debris and cools down for a smooth, flavorful hit. The thick flared mouthpiece fits comfortably around your lips, making it easy to clear the bong without any effort.

It’s a splash of color that will brighten up any bleary day.
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