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GRAV 16" Clear Straight Base w/ Disc Water Pipe

GRAV 16" Clear Straight Base w/ Disc Water Pipe

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The GRAV® Large Straight Base with Disc Water Pipe is sure to be a conversation starter piece when you display it in your home. This tall tube features a honeycomb disc that forces water and smoke through lots of tight restrictions, removing tar and debris and keeping your massive hits smooth. The Large Straight Base with Disc includes a geometric pressed pinch that doubles as a splash guard and an ice catcher. This piece also comes with a 14mm GRAV® funnel bowl, and works best with about 2" of water. The water pipe's clear glass and impressive height will look great no matter where you show it off, and your friends will be even more impressed after a hit or two.

Length  Height : 16"
Joint : 14mm Female
Use  With : Flower
Comes  With : 14mm Funnel Bowl
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