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Grav Labs Glass Coffee Mug Bubbler 7"

Grav Labs Glass Coffee Mug Bubbler 7"

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  • 7” tall

  • Classic coffee mug design

  • Durable and functional boro glass pipe

  • Fission downstem for bold, flavorful hits

  • Long straw makes it easy to sip without any splashback

  • The smoke path serves as a handle for convenient smoking

  • Has a good capacity for both smoke and water

  • 14mm female joint

  • 14mm male herb slide included

  • Part of the GRAV SIP Series

Wake up and reach over your bedside table to get your early morning herb rush. The Coffee Mug Bubbler from the GRAV Sip Series can easily pose as your regular coffee mug. It comes with a fixed fission downstem to give you frothy, milky clean hits full of body and flavor. The handle that serves as a smoke path makes it easy for you to carry it around as you walk wearing your jammies without a care in the world. It’s a wake and bake companion that you simply must have in your collection.
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