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Grav Labs Swiss Perc Glass Martini Bubbler 7"

Grav Labs Swiss Perc Glass Martini Bubbler 7"

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  • 7” tall

  • Classy Martini glass design

  • Made from durable boro glass

  • Wide, Swiss-hole disc perc for smooth, moisturized hits

  • Long straw makes it easy to sip without any splashback

  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable hold

  • Effortless pulls full of flavor

  • 14mm female joint

  • 14mm male herb slide included

  • Part of the GRAV SIP Series

Keep your hands and lips occupied in parties with this GRAV Martini Glass Bubbler. As part of the GRAV Sip Series, this bubbler makes it easy to party with your friends and socialize at the same time. Inside the glass piece is a Martini shaped chamber that ends with a custom-fitted, enforced perc. You can dance around with it and the smoking system will stay in place. No worries about spills here. With the long straw and Dewar seal connection, the water stays inside the bubbler. Have a grand time, and unleash the social butterfly in you!
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