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Green 10oz Ceramic Cereal Bowl Bong
Green 10oz Ceramic Cereal Bowl Bong
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Green 10oz Ceramic Cereal Bowl Bong

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  • 10oz size

  • Ceramic cereal bowl for eating cereals, soups, or snacks

  • Built-in pipe for ideal

  • Wake & Bake motif

  • Deep bowl for leisurely smoking

  • Carb hole to control airflow and make your hits smooth

  • Comes in an attractive green color

Greet the mornings with a healthy breakfast and a dose of your favorite herb blend! A cereal bowl bong is a combination of breakfast and a water pipe - what's not to love? Imagine getting the instant gratification of hitting and eating using just one bowl. Once don’t you're ready to eat and smoke. It’s a convenient handy bowl that every herb lover should have.

How does a Cereal Bowl Bong work?

The bowl works just like your regular bong, with a large bowl at the center for food. The bowl at the center usually has a 2-cup capacity for people who like have big appetites. There’s a hollow chamber beneath the food bowl for you to put the water in for filtration.

The smoking apparatus usually comes in three pieces: the bow portion, the mouthpiece, the inside chamber, and the down-stem. You can rotate the angle of the removable pieces so that you can use it comfortably as you sit down on the table and eat your favorite cereal, fruit, or ice cream.

How to use

  1. Prepare your herb and food.

  2. Remove the mouthpiece and the glass herb bowl. You can either put them safely on the table, or put them in the holders of a hardwood slide stand.

  3. Pack the bowl with your favorite herb and attach it to the stem.

  4. Lift the bowl to eye level. Pour water through the other end where the mouthpiece should go. You should fill it up until it reaches nearly half of the chamber.

  5. Attach the mouthpiece.

  6. Place your food inside the bowl.

  7. Sit down and place the smoking apparatus on the table.

  8. You can position it so that the attachments are at the sides as you eat.

  9. When taking a hit, turn the bowl so that the mouthpiece is in front of you.

  10. Light up the herb bowl and drag as you would with a pipe.

  11. Let the milk accumulate and thicken before you lift up the herb bowl and inhale the smoke.

  12. Exhale and continue enjoying your food and herb.

Fun ways to use your Cereal Bowl Bong

1) Pass it around with chips

Who doesn’t love chips? Anyone would appreciate munching a bag of potato chips, but a bag can spill, creating a mess. Keep your table tidy and prevent oily chips from ruining your stash whenever you re-pack your herb bowl. Use your new smoking apparatus to hold your chips instead. You can mix and match different flavors such as jalapeño chips, red curry coconut, salt & vinegar, voodoo, or backyard barbeque. The possibilities of what chips you want to eat are endless! Place a small bowl in the center for your dips, and you don’t have to reach over for the added saucy

2) Enjoy a good bowl of punch

What’s a party without a punch? Your cereal bong bowl has more than enough space for sharing a good drink of punch to quench your thirst on a hot day. If you’re having a party of 10, you could mix:

  • 30mL orange juice concentrate

  • 30mL of lemonade concentrate

  • 700mL pineapple juice

  • 142ml water

  • 500mL of Sprite

Mix them all up and you have a refreshing punch that is enough to keep you and your friends happy. Feeling adventurous? You can change water to vodka or rum, depending on what liquor you want to use.

3) Binge watch in Netflix

Now combine all of those possibilities of using your smoking buddy, and you’re ready to sit down and binge on Netflix. Watch your favorite movie or TV series without having to change what you’re holding. Lean back on the sofa, and place the smoking apparatus on a table beside within reach, and you’re ready! As long as you’re careful watching over the ash falling on the sofa, you won’t have any problems with burning. It’s almost the same way as using a bong or a pipe while you watch, only with the convenience of having a drink or knickknacks inside.

If you love drinking, eating, and smoking, a cereal bowl bong will is the best tool to give you all three. Whether you want something to drink while smoking or snack on something as you smoke, a device like this will have you covered.

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