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Jade Green with Black Wave Boro Glass One-Hitter 3.5"

Jade Green with Black Wave Boro Glass One-Hitter 3.5"

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  • 3” long

  • Taster bat pipe for sampling herbs

  • Ideal for quick, instant hits on the side

  • Beautiful black wavy swirls in jade green glass

  • Discreet, portable size for easy concealment and traveling

Are you and your friends planning to go dispensary hopping? You’d be dead crazy to come without taking this Jade Green One-Hitter. It’s a small, slim taster bat that you can quickly put in your pocket. When ready, simply take it out to sample the goods. It’s a great tool also when you and your friends come together as you share and compare herbs. The hits are as smooth and as tasteful as your pipe. If the herb tastes good with this one-hitter, you know you’ll get the same thing when you use your favorite pipe.
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