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Kannastor Multi Chamber 4pc Grinder - 2.2" / Silver & Black

Kannastor Multi Chamber 4pc Grinder - 2.2" / Silver & Black

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  • 2.2" 4pc grinder

  • Easy Change Stainless Steel Screen to catch precious flower crystals

  • Modular design that snaps and operates perfectly

  • Made with 61/60 anodized food-grade aluminum

  • Clear jar body viewing window for guess-free grinding

  • The magnetic lid prevents spillage and waste

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Kannastor Grinders are one of the best grinders around.

Made with high-quality anodized food-grade aluminum, it’s a solid tool that is smooth and easy to use. The modular pieces fit perfectly and stay in place even after a hard fall. The seamless operation makes grinding easy on your wrist, making the process cool and sexy!

The magnetic lid locks in your herbs, yet won’t give you that sticky experience that you get from low-quality grinders. With its transparent chamber walls, you can easily tell when you’re done grinding. No loss of crystals due to unnecessary opening. It also comes with an Easy Change Screen that can help you catch precious crystals for a better smoking experience.

The Kannastor Multi-Chamber 4pc Grinder is a must-have for serious smokers who demand that perfect, fluffy grind.
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