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MJ Arsenal Hydra VE Klein Recycler Mini Dab Rig 3.5"

MJ Arsenal Hydra VE Klein Recycler Mini Dab Rig 3.5"

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  • 3.5” tall

  • Custom spout for fitting your favorite vape pen or box mod

  • Triple hole perc makes even the harshest hits smooth as cotton candy

  • Less air = more concentrated goodness

  • Recycler Klein function for cool, fresh rips

  • Wide, steady base keeps it steady

  • Spill-proof, thanks to the rear-mounted side-pipe

  • Can fit almost all standard-sized circular tip vape pens

  • 10mm female joint

MJ Arsenal is seriously making one-of-a-kind mini versions of popular dab rigs. This MJ Arsenal Hydra VE mini rig is one of their most functional designs. It’s an ultra-compact Klein recycle mini dab rig that smoothens your vape session like no other. Your dabs and cartridges will taste infinitely better and easier on the throat. Notice the unique placement of the perc arm? This keeps the water where it should be – inside the rig. The custom spout also keeps your vape upright, keeping your concentrates and oils in contact with the coil and wick. At 4” tall, this is the cutest recycler mini rig that can keep up even with the hottest, strongest vape setting.

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