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Moon Rock Replacements

Moon Rock Replacements

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  • 2 pack of replacement moon rocks.

Need to replace your moon rocks from your  Titanium 6-in-1 Moon Rock?  Perhaps you’re looking for some moon rock replacements to have on hand, just in case? Well, whatever the reason, the Moon Rock Replacements are going to rock your world. With serious durability paired with performance like you wouldn’t believe, these replacement moon rocks are the best this industry has to offer.

Slamming down some of the tastiest concentrate you’ve got is made easy with these Moon Rock Replacements. These bad boys handle the slabs like no other, bringing an entirely incredible dabbing experience you won’t soon forget. If you have a moon rock nail, you will need replacements at one point or another. And when you do, it’s always ideal to have your own Moon Rock Replacements on hand and ready to go!

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