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Pulsar Borosilicate Glass Chillum 4.2″

Pulsar Borosilicate Glass Chillum 4.2″

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  • 4.2” long

  • Clear glass design

  • 12mm in diameter

  • Perfect for saving herbs

  • Ideal for microdosing

  • Pocket-sized and highly portable

  • Can come in assorted colors (may vary)

Small and formidable: these words will dance around in your head when you take a rip from the Pulsar Chillum. Although small and slender, this little smoker is made from sturdy boro glass. Pack it just a little, and it’s enough for instant gratification. Perfect for a hard-strapped individual who needs to extend their stash until a new batch arrives. It can also double as a taster bat that you can bring along in your local dispensary for a little taste test. Micro dosing? By all means, do get this one! No more crazy dealing with a big pipe that will only waste precious herbs.
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