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Pulsar Wide Beaker Dual Circ Perc Recycler Bong 10"

Pulsar Wide Beaker Dual Circ Perc Recycler Bong 10"

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  • 10” tall

  • Wide, beaker base

  • Scientific boro glass piece

  • Kickback mouthpiece for comfortable hits

  • Klein neck to control splashbacks

  • Dual showerhead percs

  • Recycling action for fresh, cool hits

  • 14mm female joint

  • 14mm male herb slide included

Sit back and relax as you enjoy clean, cool rips with this geometric recycler from Pulsar.

It comes with a flared mouthpiece and bent neck, allowing you to sit back as you take a rip. The Klein style body has a beaker base for good water volume and stability. You get double diffusion and filtration with the dual showerhead perc strategically placed in two separate chambers.

As you take a hit, water and smoke go up from the beaker base up to the globular chamber. Both pass through the second perc before draining down on the side arm back to the beaker base. The longer you pull, the cleaner and cooler your hits get.

Perfect for those who prefer smooth, moisturized hits that are easy on the throat.
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