Pulsar Assorted Glass 14mm Female Gravity Recycler Bong 13″



  • 13” tall
  • Scientific glass
  • Sidecar flared mouthpiece for comfortable rips
  • Wide circular base keeps it steady and stable
  • Fixed downstem with disc perc for clean, smooth, milky hits
  • Open cyclone drain recycler keeps your hits fresh and dry
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male herb slide included
  • Available in different aqua colored base accents

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Tall bongs are there for seriously big hits. You know you’re going to get floored when you see this Gravity Recycler Bong from Pulsar. Its unique feature is that the cyclone drain has an open-air hole.

Smoke travels from the herb slide and will disperse through the disc perc chamber. Water and smoke will stream up to the side tube towards the cyclone drain before moving down through a tube that leads back to the chamber. When you stop ripping, water drains back down from the cyclone drain to the perc chamber through the help of gravity.

It’s a conversational yet highly functional recycler bong that will keep you entertained throughout your session.


Additional information

Weight1.63 lbs
Dimensions4.7 × 6.4 × 14 in

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