Pulsar Glass Blunt Review

October 23, 2019 Bong Posts

Pulsar Glass Blunt Review

Do you struggle with rolling your herbs in paper? Do you want to take your smoke anywhere without tearing up the wrapper? Are you a leisurely smoker who takes too much time in smoking that you burn off more herbs than you take in? Then a glass blunt is the perfect one for you, and the Pulsar Glass Blunt is highly recommended. Read more about this chic and compact smoking device that will not only save you on herbs but make on-demand smoking convenient.

What is a Pulsar glass blunt?

The Pulsar Glass Blunt is a premium smoking pipe made with 2mm thick scientific-grade borosilicate glass. The blunt is 4 inches long and can extend to 6-7 inches on a full pack. The blunt comes in three parts.

  • The glass chamber where you pack your herbs. Outside is a marble roll stopper to keep your blunt in place on the table.
  • A 5.25” plunger that goes through the chamber that will also serve as your mouthpiece.
  • The rubber connection that keeps the plunger in and forms an air-tight seal around the two glass parts.

Know your glass blunt.

How do you use it?

Using the glass blunt is easy. Although it does not have the twisty auger screw inside like the 7pipe, the slider is more than enough to push the ash out. To use the Pulsar Glass Blunt, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Push back the plunger depending on how much herbs you want to smoke. The longer you pull it back, the more herbs you can pack in.
  2. Grind your herbs to a medium-coarse consistency. This will provide an even burn and keep you from taking in bits with each draw.
  3. Pack the glass blunt by scooping the herbs using the tip of the blunt, or by pushing it in the chamber. Load a bit loose, not too tight that you will block out the airflow.
  4. Keep the slider in place, and gently tamp your herb at the tip of the blunt to keep it from falling off.
  5. Draw from the blunt softly and light up the tip.
  6. Puff like you would on a roll or cigarette and exhale.
  7. To keep the cherry burning, gently push the ash plunger forward to move the herbs. Stop when you see the ash go out and tap the chamber with your finger.
  8. If you’re done for the day, or if you wish to continue later, scrape off the ash and cherry, then continue when you feel like it.

Smoking the Pulsar glass blunt

What’s the best thing about the Pulsar glass blunt? You only taste your herbs. Because it’s made with premium borosilicate glass, you get pure smoke from your herbs. No need to worry about sourcing the best cigar paper that will match what your palette is looking for.

The rounded mouthpiece makes it comfortable to use.

Puffing a glass blunt is also simple. As long as you pack the Pulsar glass blunt correctly, drawing from the mouthpiece is a breeze. There’s no resistance, and you can draw in as much smoke as you want without any effort.

You can also control the amount of herbs that you put in. You can pack a one-hitter for a quick session, or a full load for maximum enjoyment and sharing. Extended sessions may cause the glass tubing to get warm, but keeping your fingers around the rubber connection will keep you comfortable.

Some who are used to smoking joints and rolls have a hard time keeping the cherry going because they got used to paper. Fire needs oxygen, and the way for the cherry to get air is through the tip of the glass blunt. By pushing the ash plunger forward, you help feed the cherry with air to keep it burning. If you forget to push the plunger, your cherry will die out, and you need to relight it.

Maintenance is also easy. Just take the blunt apart and do an iso-salt clean except for the rubber connection. You can re-enforce the seal by passing a blower around the rubber until it clings back to the glass blunt.

Having a Pulsar glass blunt is a perfect way to smoke while you’re on the go. You can buy some silicone covers to keep the herbs in place if you want to prep the blunt and smoke later. Click here now and get your Pulsar Glass Blunt to enjoy paperless, clean smoking.


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