Pulsar Glass Circ Perc Klein Recycler Dab Rig 8″



  • 8” tall
  • Strong, boro glass
  • Elegant and simple beaker base design
  • Klein recycler system for cool, smooth hits
  • Efficient circ perc for diffusing and moisturizing
  • Angled mouthpiece keeps heat away from your face
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male quartz banger included
  • Colors may vary

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Pulsar created yet again another gorgeously designed recycler dab rig. This beauty is specifically engineered to give you one of the smoothest and coolest dab ribs you’ll get. Made with durable boro glass, this rig will gladly give you hours and years of dabbing enjoyment.

The slender blue tubes create a beautiful contrast to the clear scientific glass. The circ perc downstem diffuses smoke, helping it get dispersed and moisturized. As you take a hit, the vapor continuously cycles through the Klein system. This cools down your hits further and also prevents splashback. With the angled and flared mouthpiece, hitting this dab rig is comfortable and fun.


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