Pulsar Glass Review: Functional and Durable Glass Pieces

October 03, 2019 Brands

Pulsar Glass Review: Functional and Durable Glass Pieces

Space lovers will automatically think of spinning spheres that look like flickering stars when you talk about a pulsar. If you have a glass piece that carries the brand name Pulsar, should you expect a stellar performance? Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

What is Pulsar Glass?

Pulsar is one of the veterans of the vaping industry. The brand slogan “Enjoy Higher Culture” is taken seriously by the company. They’ve designed and developed a variety of smoking and vaping products to fit your smoking and dabbing needs. As the industry of smoking evolves, Pulsar created over 1,000 smoking products under their brand.

Glass products

As a company centered on modern-day smoking, Pulsar has an impressive lineup of smoking products. You can get several glass pieces like:


Bubblers are as small as a hand pipe and allow you to add water like a bong. You can use Pulsar bubblers as attachments to vaporizers, blunts, joints, and cones. You won’t see a Pulsar bubbler that you can use as-is like other bubblers in the market. Still, their bubblers make vaping and smoking easy. They are highly portable and won’t add significant weight to your vaporizer or glass blunt.

If you want something convenient to hold in a party, our Pulsar Glass Brass Knuckle Bubbler can go in pair with the Pulsar Glass Blunt.


Pulsar bongs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functionality. Most of their bongs are scientific glass pieces that are smooth and easy to use. They do, occasionally have some heady glass pieces like, but the designs are not as highly detailed as Empire Glassworks bongs.

Pulsar bongs come in straight, beaker, and bowl-shaped bases. Most are made with thick glass for durability and stability. Some have ice catchers to help cool down smoke for a smoother experience. You also have several choices of percs bongs like with the Pulsar Stereo Matrix Perc Bong, or the Pulsar 10-Arm Tree Perc Bong.

Dab rigs

For fans of concentrates, Pulsar has an impressive line of dab rigs that offer efficient functionality as well as style. You can choose a traditional, no-frills dab rig for a pure and straightforward sesh. These dab rigs are designed to be fun and enjoyable to use without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a dab rig to start, the Pulsar Boro Glass Mini Dab Rig with Quartz Banger is a good entry-level dab rig. If dabs are too hot for you, you can get the Pulsar Solid Ball Recycler Rig to maximize cooling while maintaining fresh vapor flavor.

Hand pipes

Simple, sleek, and durable, Pulsar hand pipes offer smoking on the go. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs that will match your needs, smoking style, and personality. You can get a chillum, spoon, or a glass blunt.



Pulsar Worked Glass Handle 14mm Male Matrix Arm Bong BowlAccessories

They are also known for great smoking and dabbing accessories. You can get herb bowls as well as dab nails made with high-quality quartz that can give you hours of smoking and dabbing sessions. Other accessories that you can have are ash catchers, oil reclaimers, and carb caps.

Their products are made with durable materials. The designs are well-thought that smoking and dabbing comes easy. Whether you’re using a simple hand pipe or a percolated water pipe, you’ll get a smooth experience with hard hits.

Aside from glass pieces, Pulsar also has silicone bongs and dab rigs, which you can bring with you almost anywhere.

How much do they cost

Our Pulsar Glass bongs range from $29.99-$212.72, while you can buy dab rigs for $27.12-$123. If you prefer a modern dabbing experience, Pulsar e-Nails can cost you $164.99-$261.20. For vape mod lovers, Pulsar has an e-Nail attachment that can go for $63.99. Pulsar hand pipes are also highly affordable, which can cost you $5.60-$55.92.

Pulsar glass pieces will always match the demands and changes that vapers and smokers are after for recreational and medicinal effects. Whether you are smoking your favorite herb or dabbing with your favorite concentrate, there will always be a Pulsar pipe suitable for your needs.

You have a choice of straight, bent, and side-car mouthpieces to help enhance smoking enjoyment. Don’t belittle the simple design and ergonomics. You’ll be surprised how well these glass pieces hit, which goes the same for their silicone pieces.

Whether you’re looking for a glass piece for personal use, as a gift for a friend, or to share with fellow smoking enthusiasts, you can always rely on Pulsar.


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